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Thread: Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    I'm stuck between two mini itx that I want to use for a HTPC (or sorts). Ones the Zotac H55ITX and the other is the Gigabyte H55N. The Zotac has 10 usb ports and comes with wireless while the Gigabyte doesn't even seem to have a slot of wireless card...just the PCI-E2.0. The Zotac seems all-around better but just curious what others think.

    This is the only part in question for the build, as for the rest I plan on using a Intel i3-540, Mushkin Enhanced 1333 DDR3, a Toshiba 160gb HDD (used, got it when I fixed a friend's netbook and thought I had killed the HDD but surprise! I didn't).

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    I personally like the Zotac better just because of the HDMI output and that its wireless so that USB 3.0 on the other mobo is not a huge deal to me.

    So if i was choosing i'd pick the Zotac. I would also check out the upgraded version of this mobo cause it offers USB 3.0 + free shipping just to point out.

    One thing about this upgraded version it has wireless but i guess you need to install it yourself, not really sure about it tho.

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    Yeah, I ended up going with the Zotac H55ITX. It was cheaper on ($99.99) but if I had acted quicker I could've gotten the Gigabyte H55N for $77 (open box, newegg) and probably been super pissed about the no wireless (unless I bought a card...). USB3 is no biggie for me since I personally haven't seen much for USB3. Hopefully the mobo doesn't let me down when it arrives. Now, I just gotta figure out what I want to put this in, what kind of power supply I want to use, and that's it...the fun begins.

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    My only useful dealings with USB 3.0 so far is using a Thermaltake Black X external drive dock to wipe some drives but I have to admit it is super fassssssst!

    An HTPC with wireless always makes more sense. It will also allow you to download off another computer should they have movies on it and you can also access the net for programs such as Hak5 (one of my favs) or any other show or video you want. Even though it was $22 more, I think you made the right decision.

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    I got it for cheaper off of Not as wide of a selection but they have good deals on just about everything they have. that's where I originally saw it, I was about to check out for the Gigabyte and it showed me that way, was cheaper than the Gigabyte by $5, if the Gigabyte had come with a PCIEx1 slot, I would've gotten that one since I have a wireless card for a PCIEx1 slot.

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    Those Gigabyte boards are nice. I'm a little on the fence about the Zotac brand

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    Yeah, the Gigabyte boards seem to be a bit better (offer a bit more than most ITX boards, from what I read in reviews) but the lack of a place for a wireless card (other than USB or PCIEx16 is a bit of a let down). I had looked on Gigabytes site at ITX boards and it looked like most of their boards were like that so it kind of lets me down a bit.

    Any reason in particular about the Zotac boards?

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    Stuck between two Mini ITX mobos

    I'm currently playing with one of the Zotac H55's and haven't found an issue yet with it. I've also got an ION based one setup as my HTPC with no issues.

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