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Thread: Lenovo Gives Back!

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    Lenovo Gives Back!

    I usually don't post, but I thought this would be an exception. When I introduced my MD-5 mod on Lenovo's site, I was surprised at the response I received from the disabled community. I immediately started to have a discussion with a paraplegic man in the UK and several other disabled people here in the states. I wanted to do something about it and approached Lenovo and without any hesitation they were there to help.

    Lenovo was generous to donate two A700 All-In-One computer systems to us and we are donating two custom MD-5 arms to help a couple of disabled people this holiday season. Here is Stevie receiving his. He is 12 and has cerebral palsy. He has brightened the season for us and I hope this inspires you.

    I urge other computer modders to help the disabled make a frustrating computer experience an enjoyable one. Most computers are not designed with the disabled in mind. Sometimes all it takes is a few modifications and you can make someone's computer experience much more enjoyable.
    Thank you Lenovo for helping these great individuals.

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    Lenovo Gives Back!

    Awesome, Chris! What a great Christmas present for little Stevie. I'm sure he will get many hours of enjoyment out of his MD-5.

    Thanks for sharing, and thank you and Lenovo for your generosity!

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    Lenovo Gives Back!


    This is a wonderful way to help and really great for Lenovo to show their support that need it. It is also great to see that they understand about us modders.

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