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Thread: A project that doesnt have to do with comps

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    Well I was working yesterday(I work at Penzoil), it was pretty normal nothing new...Well atleast untill this one girl came in, she had gotten her exhaust replaced on her car as well as an oil change from some place, well they screwed her car up and it leak's oil.
    Well she came by to talk with the owner of the Penzoil to see what she could do about it, well it was his day off so one of my co-workers (he's basically the assistant manager) starts talking to her and she tells us what was going on, we then ask her if she minds pulling into the garage so that way we could see if we could do anything about it.
    Well we couldnt do anything about it so we (we as in the girl, my co-workers and myself) continue to talk a bit and she decides to call up a mechnic and she asks him how much it would cost to get it fixed, well she doesnt have that much money.

    Now this girl was being real nice about it, she wasnt freaking out and she wasnt bad looking either and "sometime's people just need a break in life"(I got that quote from somewhere but i dont remember where) so I told her I could do it for her and all she would have to do is pay for the parts and drive down to my house and wait a few hours while I worked on her car.

    So this Saturday I get to have a bit of "fun" changing the gasket on an oil pan and you know what even if I screw my hands up badly while I do that, that girls friendship makes up for it cause Im gonna ask her two(well three actually) things while I work on her car (that is if she sticks around)
    1) If she would mind if I put her down on job applications.
    2a) If she was single or if she had a friend who was single.
    2b) If she or one of her friend's would be willing to go out on a date sometime.

    (i took some caffine pills so If this confuses you its because I was hyper when i wrote this)

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    It sounds like you had the right thought in asking if she would like some help, and not just asking because you thought there was something in it for yourself .... being a nice guy does have it's rewards, and I hope it does here

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    being a nice guy does have it's rewards, and I hope it does here
    I hope she just doesnt expect me to entertain her while I work on her car, I mean I can talk with her nd turn on the radio, but thats it.

    Anyways I need to give her a call to get the year, make and model of her car so I can see if NAPA has the gasket and gasket seal and to see how much it is, then I have to call her back and tell her how much it'll cost and then tell her how to get where I live.

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    it sounds good but from experience as a mechanic i can tell ya, good looking women know they literally sit on a gold mine, also an oil pan gasket is no fun to change w/o a lift and well lets just say old nogig has been there many times trying to be a nice dude and something go wrong or fix something once and next day figuratively speaking theres a line of people needing help. Its hard to turn down helping poeple and ive found most of the time the saying of i'll help is sometimes way easier than the wor involved and you end up wanting to kick urself in da arse. Just my .02. Good luck(fixing cars has also got nogig booty now and then)

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    will fixing comps get me booty or do chicks just dig sweaty oily guys? :lol:

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    "sometime's people just need a break in life"
    That in itself is the best reason to do it. There may come a time in your life when you need help and some one will think the same thing. Plus you may gain a new friend out of it and everyone needs friends :-)

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    As nogig said tho. Changing the oil pan gasket is not something that is easily done on most cars, exspecially the newer ones. Even in the older cars it requires the motor being disconnected from the chassis and lifted to get enough clearance to drop the pan without totally removing the engine.

    If your expecting something from this in return, you need to discuss that before committing to anything.

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    you only need to lift the engine if you dont have enough clearance underneath, at work yesterday the same year, make and model came in and I ran down into the pit (I work at penzoil ) and took a good look and the oil pan is in a nice spot thats easy to get at

    Anyways for payment, i'm not asking her for much just $10 her friendship and if she has any single female friends if she could set me up on a date with one of them

    (only reason im asking her to set me up with one of her friends is cause I rarerly have time to go out to look)

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    I hope for your case, that its just an oil pan gasket, its not in the front or back of the motor is it, because it could be a the front or rear main seal=you are not doing that in your yard in a few hours, hell I would not do that with out some cash and booty up front.

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    A project that doesnt have to do with comps

    WOOHOO . good luck . and sometimes the good guy does win :twisted: keep us informed on what happens

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