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Thread: Just wondering

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    Just wondering

    So are we gonna have a TS server set up again some time? Would be nice. Or maybe that IRC chat. Idk just a thought. Maybe someone would like to set us up one?

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    Just wondering



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    Just wondering

    erm... what does that have to do with a TS server?
    Pie is good though. :mrgreen:

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    Just wondering

    Been holding off to hear back from marklar.

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    Just wondering

    Oh, ok. Be nice to have one again

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    Just wondering

    dont we want a pie also. I WANT MY PIE!!!!

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    Just wondering

    quick someone get him pie before he goes all "FOR THE MOTHERLAND" on us

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    Just wondering

    heres some home baked pie GOODNESS ,

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    Just wondering

    thank you raptor.

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