Hi everyone!
I'm "new" here and I'm coming here to show you all my project (not finished, yet).
I'm doing a project with this "fantabulastic" case:

When I search about the news in this area (MB/GF/Pr/PSU/Mems/HD...) I thought put this in my machine:

Corsair HX1000W Modular (I've change this PSU by AX-850W )

Maximus III Formula;

Intel Core i5 760;


2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance;

1TB HD Samsung;
[No Image]

64GB Kingston SSD;

And Very,very imagination!

And are borning something like this:

Now, I'm sleeving all cables!
In the future I'll put in this case WC, and other GTX570(probably).
I'm opened to be sponsored by any shop/enterprise, of couse.

Tell me suggestions, and tell me your opinion!
Hope You like!
Best Regards