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Thread: [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

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    [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

    Hi everyone!
    I'm "new" here and I'm coming here to show you all my project (not finished, yet).
    I'm doing a project with this "fantabulastic" case:

    When I search about the news in this area (MB/GF/Pr/PSU/Mems/HD...) I thought put this in my machine:

    Corsair HX1000W Modular (I've change this PSU by AX-850W )

    Maximus III Formula;

    Intel Core i5 760;

    EVGA GTX570;

    2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance;

    1TB HD Samsung;
    [No Image]

    64GB Kingston SSD;

    And Very,very imagination!

    And are borning something like this:

    Now, I'm sleeving all cables!
    In the future I'll put in this case WC, and other GTX570(probably).
    I'm opened to be sponsored by any shop/enterprise, of couse.

    Tell me suggestions, and tell me your opinion!
    Hope You like!
    Best Regards

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    [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!! It looks like you have it planned out well and I can't wait to what you do.

    Are going to incorporate you little logo into the case somehow?

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    [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

    Sweet Man! I defiantly like the gunman logo it'd be sweet to incorporate that some way into the mod. What did you have in mind for other mods to this case?
    Lol I just sleeved my first case and what an experience I think it took me 6 hours to close up the case and call it done. Fun none the less, you could call me a wire freak, I absolutely love wires so it was actually pretty enjoyable.

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    [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

    oooo i always like to see mods from the start come together, sub'd! keep us updated!

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    [1st Project] Fractal Design R3 -Unsponsored

    Looks good man, can't wait to see the final wiring job. Love the hardware too heh, would love to have one of those GTX's!

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