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Thread: Front bezels

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    Front bezels

    Well i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to mod my case in my head. Thinking of doing a mod called Hellfire. Meh hard to explain. Basically a huge fire comes out of no where from around usually a person. In this case it'd be a computer case. Anyways. I'm kinda stumped on how to mod the bezel or how to approach it. I suck at a drawing so i can't really draw something to give you guys a visual. Anyone have some ideas as to how i can approach it? Its a really flat and plain bezel for the most part... Keep in mind the theme is an Inferno from hell. Anything is appreciated.

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    Front bezels

    I'm kinda confused, what exactly do you want to do with the bezel now, make it look like fire by painting it or something?

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    Front bezels

    no, lol i know what i'll do for a paint job. I mean like what can i do to pyschially chop it up... i was thinking of makin like a hole of twisted metal or something. like i said its hard to explain...

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    Front bezels

    post pics of the front bezel , it may help out lil bit more .

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    Front bezels

    do what me and defyant did to our cases.

    my case:


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    Front bezels

    lol, raptor if i could i would but i dont have a dig camera. And as odd as this seems i can't figure out who made the case but i like it, its a good design.... i'lll go hunt for it. TO GOOGLE, AWAY!

    EDIT: ok well i couldn't find anything so that case can go to hell. This is my current case.

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    Front bezels

    well you could on area 1 , use plexi glass that has etched flames with a red/orange backlight . and on area 2 you could cut these out and do something similar as area 1 but use a orange/yellow back light . maybe this wil get you started in the right direction .

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    Front bezels

    hmmm, ty raptor... i was just looking at it and was like what the hell am i gonna do with this.

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    Front bezels

    the side panal isnt goin to be an easy one ....... because it is allready cut out .

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    Front bezels

    i plan to cut the junk out of the middle and replace it with some nice UV reactive plexi. Prolly acryan plexi.

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