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Thread: A quick sleeving alternative

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    A quick sleeving alternative

    A friend of mine (J0mama) recently showed me something that actually works very well and can save you some time in a pinch.
    I love to do sleeving for my wiring but hate having to mess with the connectors (metal) that often times refuse to work a second time once they've been removed, especially small ones like for fans.
    A viable alternative for this is to use the liquid electrical tape and simply paint it over the wire coating using a hobby paint brush. This gives it a nice black coating and they actually have two other colors (red and white). It will take 2-3 coats spread thinly but the results are excellent and time saving. I picked up a 4 oz. bottle/118ml for $7.99 at Lowe's which will actually give you plenty of uses.
    It's basically plastidip but a little thinner.

    This company also offers clear, black, green, red and white. =5&ved=0CEUQ8wIwBA#

    This is also handy for cutting off end leads or connectors like those for floppy drives that are useless these days.

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    A quick sleeving alternative

    Any pictures of it in action or have you used it yet?

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    A quick sleeving alternative

    I've already used it several times to be honest. One build we finished last weekend and one I am currently working on as we speak. I can do a mock up this coming weekend and snap a few photos and post them on here for everyone to see. It doesn't look like sleeving but if you're painting the inside of your case black (which I prefer) it eliminates any unsightly wires by hiding them against the black background. Also why I mentioned the other available colors if your doing the interior in a color other than black.

    Hmm instead of making you wait here are the finished products. The interior of this case is a factory grey as per the customers request but you'll get an idea of how well it hides unsightly wiring. In this photo it's the long wire in the back going up and down (vertically). This was a white sleeve from a card reader 3.5" which I covered in the liquid tape to make it black instead of white. It's a cross between flat black and satin finish so it hides itself perfectly unless you plan on using a super glossy interior finish.

    In this photo you can see a 3 pin fan wire going underneath (horizontally) some other wires which was also blackened using the Liquid Tape. If this were a black background you wouldn't even see the wiring so these two examples are perfect for this posting with the grey background of the interior.

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    A quick sleeving alternative

    Eww that's horribly blurry, unfortunately my camera doesn't have a macro feature so that's about the best shots I can get you but you can clearly see it's not glossy and it's absolutely black.

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