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Thread: Synthesizer modded!

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    Synthesizer modded!

    This is the original UN-modded synthesizer.

    This synthesizer was originally released in 1989. It is a fantastic synthesizer and is rated as one of the best synths of all time. These older synths were pretty basic computers. Processor and ROM chips and some pretty cool IO. So far as I know there are only a few of us modding synths. This stands as a record that I will mod anything. Check out my site for more info.

    Here is what I changed the look too.

    I heavily modified the output of this synthesizer and changed the sound completely. Here is a vid showing the changes. Kind of a dark Sci-fi sound.

    If any of you tire of modding computers traditionally, or need a new creative boost to your modding career, find some older 1U synths on Ebay and give it a try. You usually can find them for $50.00!

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    Synthesizer modded!

    Completely cool DSC, this is like Tron on ultra-steroids lol!
    The BPRO faceplate without the lights makes it look 70'ish and then with the lights on it makes it look like 2020'ish! This is so cool and has the WOW factor imbedded into it!

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    Synthesizer modded!

    Very cool!

    You totally changed the look of it!

    What technique did you use for the faceplate? Is all that detail cut out of vinyl, laser etch or...?

    Just a side note to everyone... we are Modders-Inc, not Case Modders-Inc. This kind of modding or any othe kind of modding is MORE THAN WELCOMED here and I encourage those that mod other stuff, please post it up. I know everyone really like to see it.

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    Synthesizer modded!

    Thanks guys for your support. I wasn't sure how people would respond to modding a non-proper computer.

    Af to answer your question I used a thin membrane plastic. This is polyethylene. Same material used in pop bottles.
    I did a two color reverse screenprint on it. This is the same technique used to make the buttons on gas pumps, where you swipe your card. I use to work for Gilbarco the makers of those gas pumps and did all the printing of those and many other style membrane switches. They usually use Lexan and print in reverse with vinyl ink, but I wasn't needing that kind of durability, so poly film and polyester ink worked great.
    Here are a few pics of my spare.

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    Synthesizer modded!

    Slick job, bro!
    *thumbs up*

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    Synthesizer modded!

    I completely agree with Tech-Daddy, this is a trade that would awesome to know!

    I'm already imaging what i could do with this talent.

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    Synthesizer modded!

    Thanks TD and Kordova,

    Screenprinting is a lot of fun and can be very profitable. I just finished printing 5 dozen shirts for a local contracting company. Two hours of work, $300 profit. I don't even advertise. Word of mouth gets around and I end up printing at least one job a month. I also have a online balloon printing business that pays for the materials and supplies. Emulsions, mesh, inks and frames.

    Ask any questions you have about printing, I would be glad to answer them. Here is a link to more stuff I print and fabricate.

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