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Thread: How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

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    How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

    How Do You Personalize Your Windows?
    just for fun...

    Did you use any software to get your look?

    What kind of tricks did you use?

    Here is my only custom feature to windows that I made myself using hidden folders as "Toolbars".

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    How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

    Holy cow that's pretty involved lol! I tend to leave things as they are and learn to navigate around the standard stuff. It is an interesting idea though as I've seen some really cool custom desktops.

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    How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

    Yeah I like my one click and I'm there.

    This is just the matter of bringing back "quick launch" for the large icon apps

    Then I set up hidden folders for my "folder shortcuts" also setting up custom icons for those folder shortcuts.

    There is actually a few toolbars for the smaller icons one for software I rarely use but need a touch of a button. The the other two are just for control panel app shortcuts.

    The whole reason I do this to my taskbar is because when I made the switch from XP to Windows 7 I always used those autohide tool bars for "My Computer" and other toolbars, with XP it was like having two or three taskbars with shortcuts to your files. They were tacky but very useful if you know what I mean.

    So this really frustrated me but soon found out that windows 7 has a pretty useful taskbar. Lol once you figure out how to use it.

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    How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

    The only things I do is change the background to black or some other color but no picture and put my taskbar on the top instead of the bottom of the screen, it makes stuff look much better to me as I am not distracted by the break of the taskbar at the bottom. Anyone else ever try this, if so did you like it.

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    How Do You Personalize Your Windows??

    Change the layout to windows classic, turn on hidden folders and file extensions, download ACS to set-up my boot-up programs and set up file associations. Don't really care what my background is, since I change it as I see fit, but right now it's all black. Organize my desktop, get rid of quick launch and all the other tool bars (other than the main taskbar), no widgets. Simple and clean, is how I like to keep it. Change the way the folder layout looks and set icon layout to detail and just the things I need. I don't do anything like what you've done, Kordova, but I do keep it simple.

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