But what happened to Weeds DVD "Weeds"? It is an absolute shit show. It is terrible today. He jumped from the helicopter hovering over the Sharks two seasons ago and is now in freefall. When the inevitable fate of SRL rank the five shows that have already been good, but have lost it, "Weeds" can get the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Vampire Diaries DVD It is corrupt bunk, a sitcom that is more evil misogynistic show ass naked Mary Louise Parker as anything else. Nancy Botwin used to be an amiable, likeable, well-developed character. Now she is just a pair of legs and a hole hiding abuse in spades.There are five seasons, "Weeds," Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD began with a novel concept: a widow, Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker), with no real marketable skills, trying to support his family to live the lush suburban living by selling a few ounces of herb bags in the district and some moms. Ghost Whisperer DVD His rebellious son, Silas, was in love with a deaf girl, her younger son, Shane, was a precocious, social ostracism grade son trying to deal with bullies, while facing the loss of his father. Everyone was comedian Kevin Nealon played Family Guy DVD a councilman pot smokers who could not keep his dick in his pants, Elizabeth Perkins as Celia, was the shrew will stick, but the suburbs and the PTA President Justin Kirk and Andy was like the irresponsible uncle left to see the children, the best reason to watch the show. “Weeds” was a small, intimate dramedyDesperate Housewives DVD about a dope-slinging housewife, but it was really a biting satire on suburban life, complete with a brilliant theme song, “Little Boxes,” that not only captured the spirit of the show, but provided a good deal of its thematic resonance. All in all, it was a fun alternative to “Desperate Housewives.”