When you watch Desperate Housewives DVD last night, we believe the time has come to re-allocated to the State of enforcement element of surprise.Last night marked the return of Zack Young (Cody Kapsch), Mary Alice and Paul Young Weeds DVD "son" in almost four years. The problem is that his return was "surprised" the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, but the surprise was ruined when the name of Cody Kapsch appeared in guest star credits. So I knew that ultimately appear. The Vampire Diaries DVD It becomes a question of when and how. As the program has reached the end of the night, it was easy to see that kind Zach "flower", despite the disguise she wore. However, the planting of any gun in the home of Bree is Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD a little recovered Catch the return of Zach and added a new layer to "pull Paul Young Who? Mystery.This means that Zack tried to bring out his own father? Although it is quite plausible, the truth remains unclear. There are several ways this scenarioGhost Whisperer DVD could play out. 1) Zach would be able to pull the trigger and trying to frame Beth. The only flaw, this scenario is how Zach could perhaps do not know where to find Beth to be sitting on a gun? 2) Zach Paul shot and tried to frame Bree. Family Guy DVD This may be due to the efforts of Zach Bree when she was younger, but because he wants to fit in the shooting of his father, whom he despises? 3) Beth placed the gun on the couch trying to get back to the ladies to win brownie points for Paul.