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Thread: anyone else have animated wallpapers?

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    anyone else have animated wallpapers?

    I cant be the only one that has one here

    I have only one wallpaper thats animated and its all blue and in the center it says Altimit OS and in between the l and the t theres a small circle thing that spins around

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    anyone else have animated wallpapers?

    ive seen them before, kind of a memory hog if you ask me, makes your screen have to refresh all the time even if it ordinarily wouldnt need to.

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    anyone else have animated wallpapers?

    Suffix is 100% correct.. Eats up way to much mem to run all the time.

    I do alter photos or create originals. This is the latest one I have been working on. Kind of ties in to my current mod.

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    anyone else have animated wallpapers?

    memory hog for me though. so i dont use them

    EDIT: lol this is Senior im on assassins dell :P

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