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Thread: Does anybody lap their cpu anymore?

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    Does anybody lap their cpu anymore?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone lap's their cpu or heat sink any more. In the younger days of cpu heat sinks this gave a small cooling boost but now that cooling products are much more efficient I was wondering if anyone still did it and if they seen any decent results.

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    Does anybody lap their cpu anymore?

    A friend and I debated this one a few weeks ago. One thing I've noticed is much better QC procedures from the CPU mfg's.
    The outer shell of the newer CPU's (AMD) are much straighter from my experience in my last 4 builds than they've ever been before. The added excellent cooling features from companies like Thermaltake, CoolerMaster and Corsair make it almost unnecessary IMO to bother with lapping anymore unless your planning on using a stock cooler.
    That's not to say you won't benefit from a 1-3 C temperature drop from lapping but with the cooling becoming so much more efficient it's not needed like it was 3-5 years ago.
    Every little bit helps so I wouldn't say "don't do it" but if you're going with something like a Hyper 212, H50/H70, or the new FRIO I don't know that it's really worth the time invested anymore.

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    Does anybody lap their cpu anymore?

    with direct-contact heat pipe coolers, such as 212+ there's no real benefit to lapping the CPU, because there's no lapped HS for it to mate up to.

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    Does anybody lap their cpu anymore?

    Unless you buy a very cheap ass cooler, you no longer need to do that. Why you ask... Overclockers.

    Overclockers where doing it to increase thermal transfer and lower the temps on the CPU. The manufactures saw that and started to do it on their high-end coolers. When other vendors saw that their sales started to declined they had to do the same thing, but at the next lower grade of cooler (why compete when you can beat). And thus we are were we are. It now almost a standard to have a polished surface.

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