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Thread: Zomg Green Grass

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    Zomg Green Grass

    Me and senior were testing out the mic and fraps for future use and well... it got out of hand.
    Senior narrating and me acting.


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    Zomg Green Grass

    my voice sucks lol i sound really country when i say bed but hey dont blame me

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    Zomg Green Grass

    I found it funny at the end, sorry that is about it

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    Zomg Green Grass

    i found it pretty funny, but yet idiocy is the funniest thing.......ever

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    Zomg Green Grass

    thanks but we were just testing out some stuff and i figured out i could do those tard voices so i was like lets do something really fast but tommorow we might be doing a movie with a plot but who knows

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    Zomg Green Grass

    nice. don't sell it or you'll smell lawsuit from Rooster Teeth

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    Zomg Green Grass

    haha, its not as though we'd be taking their idea. If we made a movie from halo we could sell it but that is a ridiculous amount of work.

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    Zomg Green Grass

    Hahahaha, I loved the retard-ness of the video, great fun.

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