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Thread: Painting Laptop palm rest area

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    Painting Laptop palm rest area

    I have a laptop that has some very light fading + scratches around the palm rest area with the trim going around the keyboard area, and i think I'd like to paint that area probably like a matte black.

    I wanted to know if you guys thought this would be a bad idea and would like to know any tips you might have to offer on this.

    Should I sand the area?
    Do i need to primer it?
    How many coats of paint is suitable and is there a specific type of spray paint to use/avoid?
    Do i need to put some sort of protective coat over the paint?

    This is an example pic of my laptop, I want to paint just the silver area around the keyboard.

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    Painting Laptop palm rest area

    Should sand it, yeah, to get rid of the old paint and clean up the scratches.

    I don't think primer would really be necessary, just make sure whatever paint you use is a plastics paint. I don't know any paints off the top of my head but I'd say try a couple of the bigger names or ask some of the nice folks at Lowe's, Home Depot, local hardware stores. Three to four coats. Maybe could get by on two. When you do it, you'll be able to decide on how many coats you want or need.

    Don't need it but I'd say put a coat or two of a clear coat to help protect it from minor scratches and what not.

    Oh, and, GT-R = bad ass car.

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    Painting Laptop palm rest area

    Hey, TY for the advice, much appreciated

    i don't have a Lowe's or HD nearby, the only places I think I might have some luck at is an Ace Hardware, a little family hardware store or a little paint and paper store, I'll have to see.

    And yes, I <3 GT R

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    Painting Laptop palm rest area

    Yeah, I got a few Aces local and they should have it. They got quite a few things you wouldn't really expect them to have, honestly but they should have the paints and sandpaper, without a doubt.

    On a side note, there's this GT-R local for me and the license plate says "GTRAWR"....heard a chick was driving it (which kinda makes sense). Makes me giggle like a school girl whenever I think of it. Figured you'd get a little kick out of it, too.

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    Painting Laptop palm rest area

    lol. Chick that drives a GT-R makes her bad ass too by association

    Thx for the help!

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