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Thread: FireFox 4 RC

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    FireFox 4 RC

    Anyone using it?

    Do you like it?

    It might just be me, but I think FF is getting slower and slower.

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    FireFox 4 RC

    I'm using the FF 4.0 Beta 6, still. They haven't told me to update so I'll run with this for a while. Been using it since Beta 4 and it's kind of nice but feels like they wanted to meld IE and Safari or something silly like that but just missed the target. I like it for the most part but none of the parts that changed I like (sounds a bit weird, I know). I wish it still had the Home, Refresh, and that third button who's name escapes me all to the left of the URL bar and a status bar at the bottom to display the link you hover over instead of showing it in the URL bar. Can't right click on a single tab and bookmark it, either, have to hot key or go through Bookmarks drop-down.

    BUT, I do like how you can now paste & go in the search/url bar, definitely something they did right. So, that's 1/4 user interface things they got right in my book...and sadly, that's better than what I get from most new things.

    It does feel a little slower, but (in my case, anyways) I wouldn't trust it as being FF since my network is bogged down by at least one PC running MP3 Rocket and a router that has Alzheimer's and forgets it's wireless at least once or twice a week.

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    FireFox 4 RC

    Hi I have been firefox 4 for a while now and I have no problems at all. I think it not going slower and slower but it is only coping up with the pc speed today by giving the user more graphic rendering and User friendly browsing for faster PC. I have tried the older versions in my pc and it is bad but the firefox results in my PC are good.

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