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Thread: Need opinions on my website design

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    Need opinions on my website design

    hey everyone, i'm working on a modding site, it's something like for computers. I'm not trying to spam for it, it's not even finished, but i wanted to get some opinions on the site so far. If you get any errors while poking around dont be suprised because like i said it's not finished. so if you'd like to enlist in my site then i'm happy to have you, but post back here and tell me what you think, if theres any changes you would like to see or enhancements made then just lemme know. The site has most of it's functionality done, i plan to keep adding some things, also i plan to make things more graphical as well. if you get any errors at any time then lemme know, a lot of it is still untested which is why i'd love to have some people join, so that they can at the same time test out the site. you might have seen this posted on a few other forums, i'm really trying to reach as many people as i can to demo it out for me. and i'm really not trying to spam, i'm just looking for some genuine feedback from the right kinda people. modders are hard to reach in a bulk number so thats why this has been on a couple forums already, but i assure you this isn't spam or a selfless promotion. I'm really just looking for some genuine feedback on the site and it's stability.

    I really look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on the site.

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    Need opinions on my website design

    I cant say its the greatest and the way the forums work is a bit confusing

    Anyways you should have taken some more time to get everything finished before asking people for opinions

    But my opinion's are:
    A) get a better working forum, something a bit more simple and not as confusing
    B) ad different colors other than blue, that or seperate all the blue

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    Need opinions on my website design

    Its not too bad. Not the greatest but not too bad at all. Very simple and too the point. Relatively easy to navigate. The forums are a wee bit confusing. Maybe if you ask tazz nicely he can be of some assistance.

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    Need opinions on my website design

    i understand why your saying i should have waited till i was a bit further along, but i felt that it made more sence for me to get some input on the site before i had everything final, that way i could easily impliment no ideas and structures.

    As far as all graphic related things, onc ei finish coding i plan to revampp all the graphics, and either apply a new template or allow for the option of choosing different skins.

    The forum thus far is my biggest peice of work, so far and down the road. theres still a lot that i want to do with them to get them up to par. i did in fact choose not to use a premade forum because i wanted this site to be an accomplishment and not just a chunk of someone elses code. though that may not make to much sence when all you want is a nice finished product, but i feel that over time that's exactly what i'll have.

    I do plan to remodel the forum and make it a bit more simple to navigate and i definatly plan to make it far more appealing to the eye. lol i appoligize for the colors on it. i made the layout at work on my laptop in the sun so at the time it looked alright... laptops in the sun suck for visibility. lol. but once i had it already setup i didn't want to go back and make a new layout that i knew i'd change later anyways. so i just left it as a place holder.

    but thanks for the feedback, i hope to hear lots more. what are your thoughts on the basis of the site? i though that it was a fairly origional idea since it would give people a chance to show off their mods and prove their bragging rights by gettin all those votes.

    but whatever your thoughts, good or bad i wanna hear them, any changes or other ideas that you have, i'd also love to hear them since i'm at a stage in the development that i can do them fairly easily.

    - i look forward to hearing more opinions

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    Need opinions on my website design

    not bad, but like others have said needs some TLC to get it all going. IT looks like you've built your forums from scratch. I did the same thing with my site I"m working on. You might swing over there and check out my forums to get some ideas. I'm not saying that they are perfect, but they are a bit easier to navigate and view IMO.

    I like the hot or not idea. I may have to add some kind of rating scale to the rigs on my site eventually.

    EDIT: I've also noticed that your top graphic says "web forums" on every page of the site. not just the forums.

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    Need opinions on my website design

    lol yeah i've noticed that too. not sure wha ti was thinking when i made that. i'm about to check your site and see your forums, and the layout. i'm glad you like the idea of my site. right now i'm focusing more on the content and functionality before i make it all pretty, though as much time a si spend on the coding i've come to realize the graphics are pretty much all the end users will ever see so i might end up leaving off where i am in the coding and design some new templates before i go any further.

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    Need opinions on my website design

    It's decent, but one word of advice, Bevel and emboss = baad for web design.

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