I am in Sydney, Australia and having issues getting somebody to build me a case here, so I am going international (who cares about the postage).

I was thinking that I should either get 2 cases joined together, I was reading one girl had 2 x Lian Li PC-P80 cases joined, which is pretty cool or a [cube] case built from scratch [fully custom maybe means cheaper delivery costs].

I like the clean side panels on the PC-P80 but would like a clean [flat, not bulgy] top panel.

I think I would actually mount 2 PC's in there, my gaming PC and my NAS.

Basically the end result should be 24 x 5.25" bays [I like the idea of having a full 5.25" bay for each 3.5" HDD so I have plenty of space to maximise cooling with slow fans and to damp vibration, a custom case could have 24 x 3.5" with good airflow and great vibration damping] and plenty 120mm fans on the front and two ATX M/B's, PSU's and 120mm fans on the rear.

I have over $1200 to spend which includes the cases, mounting hardware for the disks, cabling, delivery and time/effort.

If joining cases I am open to suggestions on cheaper cases with 12 bays that we could use the money saved on cooling and mounting disks to isolate vibration. The disks seeking should be the loudest thing in there.

I already have the components [M/B's, CPU's, RAM, PSU's, SATA cards and disks]

Not looking for rackmount. I looked at mountain mods but don't like the approach.

I want to pay good money for a good job.

Any takers?

Thanks for looking.