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Thread: rofl, just a short

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    rofl, just a short

    some of you know of the problems i was having with a computer, some dont (it really doesnt matter im just bored) it turns out when i put the mobo in i shorted it (still trying to figure that one out) there were case stand offs before you ask that, i used a grounding strap, the only thing i could think of is maybe the psu, at the time i used one i had lying around (worked fine b4 now) it was a 400w powmax i think, i dont have it now..donated to a friend lol, i have a new psu now antec smart power 550w, i laugh at all the damned time i wasted trying to figure this out and it finally concludes to some simple short in the mobo, lol

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    rofl, just a short

    well sux that you lost the mobo, But great now that you have an antec psu

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    rofl, just a short

    i dont think he lost it i just think the standoffs were shorting it out.

    EDITammit this is senior again i keep forgetting to log out of his account.

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    rofl, just a short


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    rofl, just a short

    i was on assassins compy and forgot to log out of his account because i was using his for something.

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