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Thread: How to start and a few other questions.

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    Sparked by a conversation with my roommate earlier, I am now interested in custom built cases. Specifically game consoles. Even more specifically, combining multiple consoles into one case. This in itself does not seem to hard. build a box with some vents, mount the motherboards and such to the walls/ceiling (xbox 360 / PS3 / wii), and make the disc drives on the front face. With the output/power ports and air vents in back and a front fan intake in front. A three option(?) switch and power button would control which system turned on when the power button was pushed and also the output.

    Obviously this is a very basic outline with little thought from a (hopefully) new modder. Are there any BIG issues with this idea?

    As the title of this post is 'how to start...'. This is the biggest question. How should I start a modding hobby with little money (college student)?

    Last question, at the moment, doesn't fall directly into the modding topic but is related to my above idea. Would it be possible to have a single disc drive for all three game systems? I have a feeling the short answer is no. While a longer answer could be yes if there was a way to have a program read the disc, figure out which game system then boot up the game system's processor.

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    Putting them in one case - fairly easy.
    Setting up three switches to power each differently - easy.
    Setting a read drive that they're all compatible with? Well, that's a different story. PS3 uses a blu-ray, XBOX360 and Wii use DVD. I'd advise against trying to have one drive for all three, considering power and read issues. That'd just be more trouble than it's worth, really. But building them into all into an "entertainment box" would be pretty cool.

    Personal opinion, though, I'd say that while this is a cool, I don't really see it being worth doing (not quite the right words I want but can't find the right words).

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    You could build it like a sort of erm... cant think of the name... naughty people use it to burn off DVD/CD copies?

    A sort of triple drive at the front with the three switches - one at the side of each drive - and maybe you could rig up a switch that could control all three outputs? Or even a simple lever switch that would just change the current output going to the TV/Monitor.

    Another good thing to come out apart from the look of the thing, would be the extra space inside the case for cooling. Plus all three systems could share the same water loop off one pump, rad, and reservoir. (The pump could be run off a really cheap seperate PSU.)

    Just an idea or two,

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    Cool idea. You'd probably have to build the main case from scratch. I'm not sure how you could do that cheaply. If you have access to a place that recycles computers, you may be able to "rescue" some old desktops. You could cut up the chassis and rivet them back together to build your frame. You could use acrylic or aluminum for the side panels.
    Cooling this beast would be key. Especially that Xbox. H2O would be the way to go here.

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    How about somekind of rackmount system?


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    How to start and a few other questions.

    How about somekind of rackmount system?

    Hmmmm, that's a good idea.

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    How to start and a few other questions.

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas. I hadn't thought of water cooling at all. A single disc drive no longer seems ideal, however the reason for asking was to keep it all the same and minimalistic. The Wii and PS3 are different then the xbox's disc tray. This weekend after class I will stop a few places that may have dead computers and try to acquire parts, I am sure you all will be hearing from me then.

    For the disc drives. Would it be easier to make the xbox like the other two or vise versa? Starting this hobby may make me switch majors (architectural engineer to electrical engineer)

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