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Thread: Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    3M's new DI–NOC carbon fiber film that we've started offering can only be described as a "synthetic textile" It's a flexible and lightweight carbon fiber vinyl film that looks like the real thing, only less expensive. It can be installed on both flat and curved surfaces. Textured to the touch, DI–NOC is ideal for the inside and outside of a computer chassis, keyboards, headsets, mice, or even your mobile phone. It's 8.3 mil thick and is very durable, so it withstands outdoor elements. You can apply it on your bicycle, car, or whatever you think deserves.

    Tools & Supplies Needed

    3M DI-NOC Black carbon fiber film

    Phillips Screw Driver
    Xacto Knife
    Heat Gun
    Loctite brand Super Glue

    I'm using a Steel Series "IKARI" gaming mouse for this tutorial, but you can use your own mouse.

    1' x 1' sheet of 3M DI–NOC carbon fiber film
    should cover eight PC gaming mice, but we're only doing one.</p>

    To remove shell, you need to remove the three screws that are hidden under the front and rear skid pads. Use Xacto knife to start the peel off. You will glue the skid pads back on later.

    The three screws that hold on the shell are revealed.

    The center shell is held on with two plastic tabs beneath it and one tiny screw.

    Use a Scissors to cut the film about a half inch larger than the mouse shell.

    I'm using a Heat Gun with it's own pedestal. You can find Heat Guns on Ebay or local Home Improvement stores from $20 - $100

    3M Dic-NOC film requires very little heat before it becomes stretchable, to fit over curved surfaces. My Heat Gun was on it's LOWEST temperature setting.

    Stretch the warmed film over the mouse, one portion at a time. If you get a wrinkle, then peel off the film, warm it again and re-apply. It may take some practice!

    Once the film is applied evenly, use a Scissors or Xacto knife to remove the extra film around the edges of the mouse.

    Using Xacto knife to clean up the edges of film on the mouse. Now you can re-assemble your mouse shell.

    Re-attaching the two skid pads.

    3M DI-NOC carbon fiber film does look AND feel like the real thing!

    I'm amazed at how durable it is. I could crumple up the film, heat it up, and it became a usable sheet again! After finishing the mouse, I looked around the shop to see what else would be fun to cover with DI-NOC. It would be fun to cover an entire computer case, laptop cover or game console controller. I'll just leave it to your imagination![U]

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    Two big thumbs up, that looks SWEET!

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    T-D took the words right outta my mouth , so I'm going to have to add that it kicks ass too

    ... adding a link to it and to this post in our Resource Database , thank you

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    Sweet, Thanks guys!

    More Modding fun with 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber film

    3M DI-NOC Black carbon fiber film

    This times it's modding an iphone... Pretty easy, just don't cover the camera lense!

    Trace around the backside

    Using Xacto knife to cut the opening for the camera

    Start alignment of the application at the camera lense. Lay your phone down on soft surface, so you won't scratch the screen!

    You can use credit card or drivers license, di-noc surface is very resilient

    Using Xacto on steel surface to cut off excess matrial

    There you have it!

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    Applying 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Film to NZXT 120mm cooling fan.

    It's easy to do! Just remove the factory sticker and use that for your template.

    Applying to the back of the fan

    Applied to the fan hub.

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    modder, kier sent me this photo today, evga classfied ek chipset waterblock with 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber applied on top

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    now that's creative.

    before this post I never thought about using it on internal parts. It does expand the possibilities.

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    I agree, it can used on just about anything. I've had people ask if you can clear coat the 3M carbon fiber material, So Last night I applied Automotive Enamel Gloss Clear coat over the honeycomb fan grill with the di-noc carbon fiber. Here is the results. I'm curious to see what a Matte Finish Clear would look like as well.

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    Very AWESOME!

    I need to order some of that!

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    Do-it-Yourself-Mod: 3M Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

    that stuff is soo cool
    ... as evidenced by your how to ...

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