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Thread: Floor Tom Computer Case

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    Floor Tom Computer Case

    Hello all! I am fairly new to this forum, so I would first of all say hi to everyone!

    So to get to the bottom line. I am working on a project which is out of the ordinary. I've searched far and wide to find a computer case that would replace my ugly, bland and generic looking one. I found the right one for me

    Being as that I am a drummer, and I only have two passions (one being a computer geek and the other being a drummer) I realized why not put two and two together to make ...four? All jokes aside, I figured out that making a computer case built out of a floor tom drum would be the perfect idea!

    So, I have the floor tom shell (it measures 15" in diameter, with a depth of 14&#34. I have all the necessary pieces for it to turn it from just a blue cylinder into an actual drum. With some modifications, of course.

    So the way I see it, I will have all the necessary components inside the drum, along with approximately three or four fans to help keep it cool. The only problem I'm faced with, is that I can't seem to figure out how to mount everything inside the drum! I was thinking about using 1/8" steel threaded rods to do the trick, but only to find out that the internet is completely empty when it comes to such measurements. I don't want to buy thicker rods because I would have to use a drill in order to make the motherboard openings bigger -- voiding my warranty.

    So I thought "why not come to a site where I can ask all the right people about modding the proper way" and hence I stumbled in here.

    I'm absolutely open to any and all ideas! Even feedback on the case idea.

    Thanks everyone! :mrgreen:

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    Floor Tom Computer Case

    Sheet metal. You could rivet it to the drum cylinder and mount the parts, once it's bent appropriately. Or, you could turn the bottom into metal (from the sheet metal) and mount from there.

    Only make/break thing I could see from this are fans and the I/O ports...well, basically however you decide to mount the square parts to the round case.

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    Floor Tom Computer Case

    Kamilux -
    Pictures would help a lot! Can you post some up of the drum and what you are trying to do?
    That sounds like a fun build, but I think you will get a bit more assistance and guidance once we see what the enclosure is.

    There has to be a way to put this together without enlarging the motherboard holes....

    Welcome to Modders-Inc! We will help as much as we can!


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