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Thread: Military PC Build for - Final Pics

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Hey everyone,

    This case mod is being built for, for their Battlefield 3/Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Showdown. Members vote on which game they think is better, then I will base the theme of this case on which game gets the most votes.

    Here are some early conceptual designs I made up, using various cases:

    Around the same time I was building the Level 10GT case mod, and Raptr requested I incorporate some of the features used in that mod into this one. So the minigun was integrated into the design.

    Then Cooler Master came through and provided their new Trooper case, which lent itself well to the theme. So new concepts were drawn up:

    Fortunately, since both games are military styled, I don't have to wait for the outcome to get started. First, I'd like to thank the following sponsors for this project, especially Raptr for giving me this opportunity!

    Here are a couple shots of the Trooper case:

    And now we get to the goodies, courtesy Origin PC:

    And finally disassembly of the Trooper case:

    Now to start some actual work!

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    First item up for build is the minigun. I'll be doing pretty much the same thing as I did in my Level 10GT mod, but this one will be slightly smaller. So I got some 3/4" acrylic tube, and cut some circles.

    Using my miter saw, I cut the tubes down to 1' lengths.

    Scuffed all parts.

    Starting assembly, fitting the tubes in the holes.

    All rings spaced appropriately.

    And a shot of the minigun in the case for placement.

    I'm thinking it will have to be lowered to accommodate the placement of the optical drive and Lamptron fan controller in the upper bays. The Trooper case features removable drive cages, so there will be plenty of room to work with.

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    HAHAHAHA!!! Well at least you've got some experience on scratch building mini-guns for computers now.

    The trooper case is pretty neat looking though, you have another nice canvas to work on.

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Cool man love the idea and Congratulations!

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Quick update!

    Working on the front bezel, making room for a 200mm fan. First thing I had to do was get some components in there and figure out where the minigun will be. This position looked too low, so I removed the lower bay cover and raised the minigun back up a bit.

    Once that was finally established, I could mount the rollers.

    Then it was time to hack off the lower half.

    Then I cut some flat bar and bent them around the minigun and fan to kind of group them together.

    Here's the new frame, pop riveted together.

    My idea is to add some mesh to fill in the areas around both the minigun and fan. But that will have to wait til next time.

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Nice case for project Bob, congratulations for the Sponsors.

    Good luck with the project!

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Ok, finally an update on this!

    Continuing on with the front bezel, I cut some mesh to fit inside my aluminum frame.

    I cut it wider than the frame...

    ...then bent the excess down so it would fit.

    Quick test fit on the case with gun. Got to fill the upper corners with something.

    So I cut some pieces from scrap black acrylic.

    Sanded them down and smoothed them out.

    A nice fit.

    Next up was to cut the hole for the 200mm fan into the mesh.

    I liked the Sniper style fan grill from MNPCTech, so I had Bill make me up one to fit the 200mm fan.

    Assembled the whole front bezel to see how it looks...

    And with some power to the fan... Sweet!

    I should have another update for you this weekend. 'til then!

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Looking very nice. The 200mm fan guard is great, I'm glad Bill could make one for you.

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Thanks Dan. Bill does awesome work and I was glad I could incorporate some of his products into this build. I have a couple of his fighter pilot toggle switches that I will be adding to a custom control panel up top as well.

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    Military PC Build for - Final Pics

    Another feature borrowed from the Level 10GT COD mod that Raptr wanted in this case was the first aid kit with integrated beverage cooler. First thing I had to do was figure out how to incorporate it into the Trooper case. I ended up going with a smaller kit and placing it towards the front on the left side panel.

    Here is the smaller sized first aid box. The handle and latches will be removed.

    After removing the mesh portions of the side panel, I added a window and beefed up the edge where the door's hinge will go.

    Then I added a piano hinge using pop rivets.

    The door is secured to the hinge via flathead screws and nuts.

    Testing the door on the case. Closed...

    Open. It's a smaller compartment than the other one, but it still can hold a can and maybe some band-aids or something.

    Now for the internal part of the first aid kit. I grabbed another beverage cooler from Xoxide.

    Removed the TEC and wiring from the casing.

    Made a hole in the bottom of the box and fit it over the TEC plate.

    The box will take the place of the Trooper's removable drive cages. And there's still room on the other side for some drives, just gotta make a new mounting system.

    The first aid kit door will be painted black to match the case, after masking off a cross symbol. The inside will remain white.

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