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Thread: Cube Case - 56k death

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    I actually built my own cube case. I ended up tearing apart a super cheapo case for the drive racks and mobo tray, but heres some pics

    heres a pic from the very begining when it was pretty much just a frame still..

    I also decided to go with dual power supplies, mostly because i could. these turn on and power off together thanks to a lil rewiring, well worht it though. also note the sweet fan grills, and imagine those fans lighting up to blue

    heres a good side view pic while the case is empty, you can see the blue fans with scorption fan grils and the two PSUs with their car casings.

    time for the good stuff, post production pics..

    Sorry for all the pics, but i dont generally get a real good chance to show this thing off. I ended up sleeving all the wires with blue uv reactive sleeving. all ide cables are rounded and uv reactive.

    theres 1 blue cathode and 2 uv cathodes along with 4x 120mm fans, 5x 80mm fans (and thats not counting PSU cand CPU fans).

    To control all this stuff i put in 5 switches in the front that light up clue when lit.


    If you wanna check this out some more, i have it posted on my site,

    EDIT = Tazz .... I would watch your so called selfless plugs :!:

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    From what I can tell it looks pretty good. Maybe some wire management and detail work type stuff. Are you planning on painting the case or anything?

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    what kind/thickness is that metal you used for the side panels? What did you use to cut it? Looks cool, but like sheldog said try some wire management to clean it up a bit. Im guessing since its a larger than standard case, some of the cables barley reached and that is why you had to string them every which way. Maybe if you looked around in the resource database you could find some extension cables for power, ide and any other kinds you needed. This way you could route the cables along the inside corners giving a better look at the hardware from the windows.

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    Wire management and either polish the exterior or paint (poslibly just a good ol hand polish). Looks like its got a ton of smudges all over it.

    Extending the cables can be done by hand if your soldering skills are decent. I have a tendency to shorten them rather than lengthen them. Reminds me I have one to do today 8O .

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    Looks Great! A liitle more attention to minor stuff and you got kickbutt DIY case.

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    I have a tendency to shorten them rather than lengthen them. Reminds me I have one to do today 8O .
    cheers mate, i hear ya been using my new antec psu unmodded (= fugly/messy) just because i'm waiting for the new MB/CPU combo to arrive (wire lenghts MUST be perrfekt!)

    faceless105, looks pretty nice on those pics I agree with the others about minor details that would enhance the looks even further.

    btw, do you have some kind of schematics or a link for the rewiring of two PSU's in tandem? I'd like to try it some day.

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    this case is fully custom, it's made from aluminum sheets that i got already cut at the 1.5ft sheets. then theres square aluminum for the frame. if you all want i can post some more pre-finish pics later to show the construction a lil better.

    also i did all the work on my own, cutting windows and some wiring for the switches and PSUs. i'm not sure where the link is for the PSUs now, but all you have to do is take your primary PSU and your seconday one, on both, locate the green wire, i forget the number, then connect the wire from the second one to the first one, so that in effect it'll go from the motherboard and split off to each psu, you want to do the same thing with the gray wire i beleive. -- but i caution you not to do this unless you find a second source to confirm what i'm tellin ya because it's been a long while and i'm not 100% on it.

    also on the wire managment, i like the mess, lol. it may sound stupid, but i love how it all shows the uv glow. it really doesn't look as bad in person and it's not causing any heating issues since i have so many fans.

    and sheldog, did you used to be on xoxideforums? your name looks familiar

    anyways, i hope you all enjoy the case

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    Cube Case - 56k death

    yep. I used to be on there a looong time ago. Got tired of the craziness.

    I can understand about the wire glow. Sometimes its just cool to look at them glow. I still think a paintjob would add to it. Even if it was just a clear coat. There is a lot to be said about building your own case. A built one will always be 10X cooler than anything out there stock.

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