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Thread: HAF 922 blood Ice

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    After weeks of designing, and planning Blood Ice HAF 922 decided to enter it in The 2011 CoolerMaster Contest . I had a couple of projects that i have been working and wasnt sure I had the time for this one but i kept on getting ideas for it. The system with feature a Red & White Theme incased in a icy smooth Shell. Should give off a nice red glow

    I would like to thank my sponsors for contributing and helping with the Build
    Danger Den

    Part List
    Cooler Master HAF 922
    Intel i5-2500 k
    Sapphire 6970 GPU
    Danger Den Water Cooling
    Phoybia 7 120mm Silent Fans red/clear
    675 Watt PS

    First off was to clean I dust off HAF 922 it has been sitting in a box for about 8 months then onto
    disassmebly and strip the old paint from the system, which i was long and very time consuming.

    Now that i have it clean enough to piant, I started riviting it back together a added the new wheels to It

    primed and painted!! 4 days!!! lol

    A few red pieces

    Ok back to the unique & by far hardest part of the mod, Moldings very risky!!!!

    front panel

    dremeled to lay very flat

    I have a idea for the front grill

    after a day of drying

    Molds are ready

    Up next a custom side panel i ran out of polyurethane mold supplies, so i had to think of something else i had on hand, Resin perfect.

    The HAF 922 side panel sumerged in resin

    a sign of curing

    Came out better than exspected

    Mold is ready

    Thanks again stayed tuned for more

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    It was sunny and i wanted to see if the ice would melt!!!

    Thank you for voting , greatly appreciated. still need more about 100 more

    register and vote takes less than a minute

    Thanks for looking !!!!!

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    last day to vote for Cooler Master contest, if you get a chance register and confirm email. Hint location = Nation not city

    Have a great weekend!!!!

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Ok I began updating the pc to more teh finished product that i had envisioned. First up took off the rollers and add some cool case feet.

    Oh getting excited to see it match up with the red inside the case.

    Next up adding a window to teh side of the case

    added a little ecting With a chilling look

    Up next adding water cooling blocks to the components ( converted my 1366 Danger den water block to fit 1156 sockets)

    Asus Maximus Gene III and a HD5970

    Thats all for now

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Ok a good nite of progress added the ROG logo to the front panel fan intake. Came out better than expected

    Finished up the ROG logo illumination on the side panel

    a few areas to fix but came out pretty good

    Installed MB VGA and began tubing fore the water cooling

    Thanks again cant wait to put it all back together.

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Finished the loop

    Did some sleeving !!!! yeh

    leak test yea of course it leaked (lol)

    running very smooth now

    teaser pic

    Thanks for looking !!!!

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Another Small update!!!! I had some left over cured resin that game me a great idea

    Started on the Asus ROG logo On the side panel!!!!

    over to the saw!!

    plain old Side panel

    3D logo

    Some more sleeving to the top panel

    Teaser pic

    Thank you for Looking

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Some finished pics

    ASUS ROG Formula X event

    Thanks you for looking !!!!

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Sweet mod, came out awesome!

    Have been meaning to ask though, not a gamer and not familiar with ROG but was wondering if that great looking logo of theirs is supposed to be a whale as that is all I see when I look at it?

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    HAF 922 blood Ice

    Not sure !!!!!! it was fun cutting it and ecting it lol

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