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Thread: Level 10GT Tribute to Seal Team 6

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    Level 10GT Tribute to Seal Team 6

    Chopped windows top and bottom

    Motorized touch Lcd screen

    1350 Watt Thermaltake Power supply

    Gigabyte G-1 Sniper Board


    I chopped the corner of the case off with a jigsaw to push the screen back more so it still stuck out about the stock width


    I can see clearly now..

    This is a sound amplifier that runs to the line in it can pick up sounds from 40 feet away and record them to the harddrive for recon.

    before.. El-choppyson

    mess with the best die like the rest.

    m-16 clip and I painted the barrel and then rolled it in grass to camo it, it sits over the power button that is hooked into the harddrive light plug and flashes simulating firing.

    GTX 580licious

    Custom Thermaltake Ram cover, I took the top off the frio cooler and it clips right onto the ram, thinking I may add a fan someday.

    Tribute to the hard work of Navy Seal Team 6.

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    Level 10GT Tribute to Seal Team 6

    Nice m8, not a lot of ppl mod there 10GT

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    Level 10GT Tribute to Seal Team 6

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