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Thread: I thought I'd heard it all...

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    I thought I'd heard it all...

    The best singer I've absolutely ever heard in my life.

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    I thought I'd heard it all...

    Beautiful !

    ... thank you for posting

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    I thought I'd heard it all...

    She is amazing. I think she is on her second album now.

    This is another one of her newest songs that is amazing -[/video]]Someone Like You

    Check out her first album too.

    I listen to her when I just want to chill out and hang with the wife and snuggle.

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    I thought I'd heard it all...

    "Rolling in the Deep" is one of the five songs that actually keep me listening to local radio. Thanks for post, I've always wondered who sang it and the name of the actual song.

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    I thought I'd heard it all...

    I'm ecstatic that so many enjoy her music. I only discovered her for myself a couple days ago after listening to her on Pandora through a friends WD TV connection.

    So much so that I actually went to the store "specifically" to buy her newest and second CD (21). Buying a CD is something that I haven't done in at least 8 years but I will gladly support this artist. She's actually going to be in my area tomorrow night (Friday) at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia but the show is already sold out and I'm still on a 5-6 day work week with a 10 hour schedule. Cheapest tickets I found online were $180 which I'm sure didn't include and of the BS charges the ticket companies throw in.

    Anyway I'm about to enjoy the CD right now and blow out my eardrums to Rolling In The Deep :twisted: .

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