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Thread: QuakeCon 2006

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    QuakeCon 2006

    Who is going to this years QuakeCon?

    I know that DT and myself are going, but we are having a bit of $ issues trying to get Tazz to QuakeCon.
    It would be nice to get him there as were have a few things going on with a few sponsors at the event.

    Not sure if they are having a modding contest, but I know there will some kickbutt mods there. They always seeem to wait until the last minute to announce any mod stuff.

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    QuakeCon 2006

    Come on now we have to have more than just AF and DT going to QuakeCon this year. I know some of our fellow Austin Modders are heading to QC.

    I know I want to go again this year. Thats totally up in the air. I originally had something worked out but as things change in life so did my transportation plans. So I am kind of sitting in the middle of the lake on a calm day without a paddle.

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    QuakeCon 2006

    Arg if I had the money I'd be there in a heartbeat. Well hope you figure something out tazz and out of 500 people i'm sure more than 3 are going :shock:

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    QuakeCon 2006

    you know im there. c yall there.

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    QuakeCon 2006

    im year :lol:

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