I've been doing a little side project that I guess could be modding?? Or maybe building?? Hope this is the right spot for this..

I've seen everyone struggle with bringing in their stuff at the lan, and I've seen many different types of stands that people have made for stacking their stuff up.

So I decided I would make something that could do it all. And keep it real simple.

I designed a box that would act as a cart with a handle that you can set all your stuff in, then wheel it in to the lan easily, unload it and flip it upside down onto the table, then set up your gear and your ready to rock!

I made it lightweight, rugged, won't break, easy to clean, chemical and water resistant, and easy to handle.

So here it is - I give you - - - - the Lan Buddy

So here is all your stuff to go in it waiting to be loaded -

So you stack it in there -

And, you strap it in for safety -

Pull up the 3 stage retractable handle -

And off you go -

Once you get there it's time to unpack and flip it over -

The monitor goes underneath and will fit anything up to 17 -1/2" tall. The case goes on top and fits between the wheels and the front stud. It can also be strapped to the top using the handle holes.

I have handle holes in the back and sides that will allow for strapping and running wires when using it as a stand.

It's nice for privacy as well if you're gaming and you don't want anyone seeing your screen.

With the handle holes I can pick it up and carry the whole thing, or load it in the car with everything in it.

The one in this picture is a 24" wide box but I also have one that is 30" wide. Some lans have different amounts of space and this will guarantee you are getting the right amount. The 30" has tons of room for extra stuff too.

I built them for me to use but I thought people might be interested in getting one too. If anyone is interested I can mass produce these. The material itself is kind of expensive but if I buy bulk I can get a better deal. It's King Starlite marine board. It's awesome stuff. These don't have to be used just for lans either. I'm using mine for hauling stuff around for work, and so far so good.

Let me know if interested 8)