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Thread: New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

    Just to let you know we have a new sponsor for the awesome FRotM event. With this I want to welcome

    Thermaltake! They have already set up some nice prizes for this month and ones to come. Yes that is right they are going to be a full time sponsor!

    Please give a huge thank you too Thermaltake and our favorite guy there Ramsom!

    Start posting up your case and work and maybe you can get a chance to win some awesome stuff!

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

    Just wanted to say thank you to Ramsom and everyone else at Thermaltake who made this sponsorship possible. With this sponsorship you guys not only encourage people to be creative and follow through with it due to prizes to possibly look forward to with your generosity, but also you have helped a site that devotes it's time and existence to inspiring, guiding, and encouraging people to follow through with their thoughts, dreams and creativeness for modding.

    So again, a huge thank you Thermaltake.

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

    Thank you Thermaltake!

    Love your products. Have several right now.

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

    I've always enjoyed ThermalTake's products especially since they were one of the first known manufacturing companies to totally support the modding community from day ONE !!!!

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!


    Thanks buddy! Looking forward to spreading the love and excitement!

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    New Sponsor! Thermaltake!

    nice!! They are one awesome company!!

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