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    Well i always see plexi on the side of a case, its getting rather weak. I was thinking of using mesh instead of plexi for my side "window" because i've been looking at this fan i have on the side of my computer and it has black mesh over it and it just looks so cool. But i was also thinking what would be the air flow/ temperatue preformance effects of replacing the plexi with mesh. Any ideas?

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    Heyo Assassin,
    I was actually thinking about this awhile ago and I decided against it beause of hte following:

    Dust is going to glog up the mesh making it looks bad *unless it's like beehive mesh.* Dust is also going to get into your computer much faster, that's no good :P. I would however still look into this as a 'mod' if someone with more knowledge would shed some light on it .


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    Hmm well i was also thinking about that. That is my main concern along with heat build up. But i was thinking maybe if i just did like some thin clear plex and put that infront of the mesh, so from a distance it'd look like only mesh. But if theres a way i can do it with out the plex thats what i'd rather do.

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    Having plexi over it would also be neat as well, a thing layer though. It adds a different style. More of a hybrid. Maybe some thin UV plexi with the mesh behind it. IMO, that'd look cool. I may have to look into it.

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    Doing my second case now using quite a bit of mesh. From what I have learned the hard way. I would choose to go one way or the other.

    I live in a very dusty place. It takes no time at all to fill my computer and fans with the crap. Its bad enough I do not run any filters because they simply get clogged up to fast and then start starving the case for air.

    Your going to get dust in the case either way. Filtered, meshed, or not. The difference is, with mesh alone it takes no time at all to clean. Run the vacuum over it and poof you sucked all the dust out of it. Plexi gets nice and dusty too, when you add plexi and mesh on the same panel you create a hard to clean process for your self. The mesh is still going to collect the dust, and now your going to have dust on the window, between the window and the mesh, and on the mesh. My MeanGreen mod uses mesh over plexi and still becomes an issue to keep clean. That is the reason on the MI Case I decided to not use any plexi on the front of the case. I would much rather use the vacuum to simply clean it rather than having to take it apart and clean it( I'm talking pulling the parts apart to get it clean). Also for reference... I don't use the vacuum in the case just on the external mesh pieces .

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    Incase you were looking for mesh, I just looked it up and found: 61&products_id=3398
    Seems fine for this kind of project.

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    Resouce Database :wink:

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    haha thanks guys. I'll probably try it with an empty case with just fans and run it for a week and see how bad the dust build up gets and where it gets :shock:

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    fish poke.

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    trout slap.

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