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Thread: Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    A Star Trek case mod theme that will be stylish.. Er, I mean Chic! and we've only got 12 days to get it finished!

    Maximum PC has a presence at Comic-Con every year as an outreach opportunity—to let the hardcore comics and sci-fi fans know that PC enthusiasm goes hand-in-hand with that kind of fandom. This year we’re using our booth as an opportunity to show the fans at Comic-Con how awesome a great case-mod can be and how PC geekery and sci-fi enthusiasm can meet in a beautiful way. So we’ve hired the best guys in the business to design and build an awesome Star Trek-themed PC, and we’ll be giving one away at Comic-Con and the other one will go to David Gerrold in exchange for some writing he’s doing for us in relation to Comic-Con. - Nathan Edwards, Senior Associate Editor

    Conceptual Designer: Mike Okuda is graphic designer who has worked on Star Trek series since the 1980s and is responsible for much of its visual style, including the LCARS interface as seen on Next Generation.

    Matt Jefferie's original design of the Tricorder served as Mike's inspiration for styling cues on the "Tricorder Shiek" computer case
    design. We could have scratch built a PC that looked just like the Tricorder, but David wanted an actual computer case instead with specific utilitarian features like hot swap bays and a compartment for his Tribbles.

    3D design of "Tricorder Shiek" by Dave LaLopa

    Top panel and storage compartment

    Top panel will be milled from 2" thick 6061 aluminum

    This Lancool K-58, manufactured by Lian Li will sacrifice it's chassis to this project.

    Lancool K-58 chassis will be painted Matte Black Enamel.

    Using Rounded side hand file to smooth the cut edges.

    Using Red Scotch-Brite pad to scuff the surface in preparation for Primer base coat.

    Lancool K58 chassis painted Matte Black Enamel (1 for david, 1 for comic-con)
    Machined aluminum computer case feet,

    Machined aluminum computer case feet with grooved edges.

    re_library/star_trek_computer_pc_case_mod9c.jpg" alt="" />

    The aluminum feet are machined on CNC Lathe,

    The bare aluminum is nice contrast to the Matte Black.

    #10 x 5/8" Black Oxide Fan Screws,

    Screws will be used in conjunction with fan silencing rubber grommets,

    #10 x 5/8" Black Oxide Fan Screw inserted in rubber grommet

    Yate Loon Blue LED 140mm cooling fan (1 of 2)

    Lian Li Tool-Less PCI Card Holder, 7 x PCI Holder. Works with many Lian Li cases or other modified cases. Specifications: Tool-Less PCI Card Holder, 7 x PCI Holder. Designed for Most of Lian Li Cases. Dimension (W)70mm x (H)145mm x (D)30mm

    Add your own Caption!!!

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    Picking up following material list in morning.... 6061 aluminum

    1.938 thick x 18.1875 x 8.25 (2 pieces)
    1.5 thick x 8.25 x 5.906 (2 pieces)
    1.4375 thick x 14.969 x 8.25 (2 pieces)
    .4375 thick x 21.25 x 21.125 (4 pieces)
    .25 thick 1.625 x .3125 (2 pieces)
    .125 thick x 8.875 x 7 (2 pieces)
    .125 thick x 20.5 x 20.375 (4 pieces)
    .125 thick x 8.578 x 7.5 (2 pieces)
    .125 thick x 1.82 x 1.11 (2 pieces)
    .125 thick x 8.1875 x 3.219 (2 pieces)

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    Another fun caption!

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    We will be swapping the hardware from NZXT's 5.25 bay Sentry Fan Controller into the top cover, available from performance-pcs, here

    E.E.L Ambiense is having fun with making captions too!

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    Hey Kids, It's Billet on a skid!

    I was focused on making a dent in our work load, so I didn't take a lot of photos last night...

    First layer is 1/8" thick smoked grey, cast acrylic.

    these will 3/16 mounting holes

    Starrett spring loaded center punch..

    Using counter bore bit to debur holes


    (hint: my lanboy air review)

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    This morning I'll be sleeving the Sentry this Silverstone FP34S Premium 3.5inch Bay Card Reader & Front I/O combo module, David chose this model mainly for it's card reader and headphone jack. It's from performance-pcs here It will be mounted in the new top panel. I chose Bulgin's "Orange Dot" for the Main Power button from performance-pcs, here

    The Sentry's display screen will be mounted in the top bezel opening. A 22mm Bulgin "Orange Dot" vandal resistant switch will be the Power button.

    another caption by EEL :clap:

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    3.5" HD trays painted Red Enamel and HD cage painted Black Enamel.

    another caption by EEL!

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    They came out great! Awesome paint job. I always liked the red and black theme.

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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC



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    Official Star Trek PC Build: TRICORDER CHIC

    Kick Ass Captions vashant!!!!

    Tonight we'll be milling the aluminum panels and inlay plate for the side panel with the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) design, which will be slightly larger than whats show in this screenshot.

    The top cover will have a compartment...hmm for what?

    The compartment lid consists of one sheet of 1/8" thick aluminum and 1/8" Opaque red cast acrylic

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