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Thread: Computex 2011 Show Girls

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    About nine pages of the Computex 2011 Booth Babes,... I mean show girls.

    I might develop carpel tunnel tonight. ops:

    Link Here!

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    Yowsers! 0-0 :P

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    Oh dear god thank you for that.....

    I'm spent...

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    ni prublm, sems tht my riht hand is dsmaged so uii have to use ldft hsnd to typr. glad ypu loked it.

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    Only one thing can describe this really....

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    Computex 2011 Show Girls

    I freaking love it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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