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Thread: Leatherface's Mod Gallery

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    Just wanted to list the mods i have done in one place maybe some day I can catch up to some of these guys.

    Submerged Mineral Oil Computer. also submerged monitor later down the road

    Zen Computer

    Scooter Computer

    Rog-r Level 10

    G-1 Sniper Mod, has since been changed will update photos soon.

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    Sweet mods!

    The Zen Computer is my favorite.

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    Do you have more shots of the Zen computer?

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    yes I have a whole build log for it, ill post them in a gallery int he next few days for ya..

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    cool thanks.

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    Been about a month, did you forget about it or did I just miss the post?

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    lawl. at me , I lost the thread couldnt find it for the life of me

    if your still interested here is the link to some build pics.!zencomputer

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    Leatherface's Mod Gallery

    Sweet, thanks.

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