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Thread: Project Hail to the King

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    Project Hail to the King

    Flying home from launch party in Dallas. Was amazing event. I will post full worklog when I get home. Had a great time seeing Craig again and jumping to Crystal Method

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    Project Hail to the King

    Awesome Rig! Looks Like you, Geno and Fletcher make an awesome team!

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    Project Hail to the King

    This rig was truly epic in size, build scope and details.... a spectacle to behold. I am honored I got to see this thing. Happier I got to see you Richard and spend some time with ya!

    Back story folks, a couple weeks back, when the Gearbox kickoff party was starting to be announced, I was commenting about it on Facebook. Alerted Richard to it and told him how much fun it was going to be and he comes back with, "I Might have to catch a flight down for this, looks cool!"

    Unbeknownst to me he was knee deep in the building of this beast, and was already slated to be there!!!

    What an awesome surprise to see him *and* the coming out party for that rig....

    Just an epic build bro.

    You guys rocked it!


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