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Thread: Anyone a webdesigner?

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    Hello everyone, Locust here.
    As some of you know, I am starting a corporation *llc* that builds gaming computers. Because of my location just selling locally isn't going to work to well. So, I've been considering the jump to an online store, ecommerce. My problem is of course that I do not know how to design one and I am looking for an EXPERIENCED webdesigner that can setup a site without scamming me. I am looking to stay in good contact with this person and start by getting a ROUGH estimate. To cut down on the cost a LOT my friend told me about the agora shopping cart that is precodded. Using this would be fine, well, that's what my current knowledge leads me to believe.

    So, if there is anyone here that thinks they could help out I would be more than happy to hear from you and talk over either...:

    Feel free to ask questions and if you're interested, please leave your contact info. As I said, all I'm looking for now is a rough estimate.


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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    More information is going to have to be given before anyone can give you an estimate. Might also help stating your budget for the job.

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    Ok I was planning to give it with the person privatly but I suppose this works too. As for a clue. I honestly don't.
    Well, let me try to remember hte list I emailed into a design company...:
    - Something like . Of course though, nothing that complex. I don't have that kind of money.
    - Something easy to navigate.
    - Something slick. I don't want to look half assed. I want my dedication to this corporation to show in the website.
    - It has to be eCommerce, meaning, it must have a shopping cart. I don't care if it's pre coded if it'll save some of the price .
    - This site is to market GAMING computers. Therefor, it has to appeal to gamers. I can help with that.
    - Something I can edit easily. Prices, images, pages, text, etc. I have limited knowledge in webdesign. I do know hte basic tags and such though.

    If you need anymore info, just say so .

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    Ok, more info.
    Well, let's see...
    I am a minor, age 14. I know this is what I want to do with my life and truthfully, nothing said will sway me. My grandparents called me a bulldog because I'd never let something go.
    All I have heard of for free code is: .
    I think that would save a lot of money because it's a pre coded shopping cart. I really am fine with the designer using all the freecode and website things they know of to cut down on the price. I'll need a quote so I'll know how much to gather together.

    If there's anything else just ask.

    *By the way, ignore it when I say eCommerce if it really should be osCommerce, I don't really understand the difference...*

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    I have some templates that i have pre coded and have had other affiliates code on it. I think i actually have a system that might work for you. It requires a simple mysql data base and a host that allows you to have mysql and php.

    If you don't have a host i'd suggest you get one. Vizaweb or Dreamhost is fantastic. I am on vizaweb and they are great.
    The site has a cart system, and a checkout system. if you would like i could set up a demo on my server for you to see.


    The graphics, colors etc can be changed, that is just an example as to what it'd look like. Like i said, if you are interested i could set up a demp pn my server and you can test it out.

    I am also a graphics designer, so the graphics can be made to customfit your taste . As well as logo's etc.

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    Seems interesting. Could you please PM me with anyone of these:
    It'll be easier to communicate that way.



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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    just start a paypal site.

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    Anyone a webdesigner?

    i'm also a web designer, i haven't done anything with ecommerce, but i can do all the design work and set it p to the point of collecting the cc info and such. my current site is

    it doesn't really explain my capability, but i program in PHP and work heavily with MySQL and i have great experience with photoshop (i'm currently in the process of redoing the site graphics, that template is about 2 years old)

    but if you have any questions the pm me and i'll shoot you my email or aim name

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