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Thread: Issues with youtube

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    Issues with youtube

    I've been having issues with youtube these past couple of days, i've tried reinstalling both adobe flash and firefox, but nothing happened. my videos just won't play. has anyone else been having these issues?

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    Issues with youtube

    I've had the same issue after getting the MS update for IE9. The only solution I found was to load in Firefox and use it as my video browser since Adobe FlashPlayer seems to have issues with the new Internet Explorer browser. I'm sure there is a fix for it somewhere but I dont' have time to play with it right now.

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    Issues with youtube

    I have noticed issues with the youtube load speed lately myself. With me it does load but most of the time it takes forever to buffer even when choosing the lowest quality setting as to where a month ago I could load a 1080 video with no stutters or stops and it would always finish buffering the video before I was a quarter of the way through it regardless of how long it was as I have a fast connection.

    I currently use Google Chrome but have found that IE 8 is a little bit faster on the tube, not much but a little faster. I have not upgraded to IE 9 yet and I can't speak for Firefox as I don't use it but should anyone come up with a fix for Chrome please post it.

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