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Thread: Chipset speed?

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    Chipset speed?

    Hi guys/gals, from talking to the people at the OCZ forums it seems I have maxed out my chipset on my mobo for read/write speed and can't go much over about 700mbs read speed. I don't want to buy a raid card as the good ones are way to expensive so I was wondering if there was a way I would be able to tell what the max chipset speed is when looking at new mobo's to possibly purchase as I have another ssd I would like to throw into the array but stressing the chipset so far beyond it's max actually dropped my read/write speeds a little.



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    Chipset speed?

    Wow,... 3 days and no response.

    Am currently using a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 motherboard.

    Almost feeling lonely as no one has posted a response so I will gladly accept replies such as:

    I don't know...
    Not sure how to tell....
    Is a motherboard the thing my mother lays on to straighten her back?

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    Chipset speed?

    I don't know...

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    Chipset speed?

    You could find someone who already has one and get them to test it :P

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    Chipset speed?


    love ya bro, thanks for the reply

    i am wondering if there is a way to find out what the max chipset speed is when purchasing a mobo as I would like to add another ssd drive to my raid array but my current mobo maxes out at about 700mbs read due to the chipset so I would like to find a mobo that goes beyond that limitation, just not sure how to tell from reading the specs.

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