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Thread: The whole MySpace thing.

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    The whole MySpace thing.

    So just recently I started messing around on my space. It wasn't really intentional. I have time at work and milling around the modding forums gets boring after a while. Several fellow co-workers mess around on there and I so out of curiosity I said heck with it and joined the fray. Funny thing is its a strange place. People share some of thier deepest most personal things with absolutely anyone. My theory is "don't put anything on the internet you don't want you worst enemy to see". but these people throw caution into the wind and just spill it to everyone. crazy.

    Just curious how many of you guys (or gals) do the MySpace thing and what you think about it? I think they have decided to call this generation the "Blog" generation. Which isn't as cool sounding as my geration the "X" generation but whatever.

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    The whole MySpace thing.

    I dont use My Space, but I know what your talking about how people just put anything about themselves without a worry on my space. Ive seen some strange stuff on there.

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    The whole MySpace thing.

    ironically, our school had a whole presentation on how Myspace (or in Canada the more common company Nexopia ( are just a predators playground. pictures, emotions, even where you live right out in the open. I have a nexopia, but i don't have any personal info about me. i have some shots where im barely visible in my band on it, but nothing completely revealing.

    some of the people's pages ive seen, its scary. and not surprisingly, it's right up there with msn in terms of fighting and friendships lost in my school and everywhere else.

    what would people wanna share that stuff with anyone for?

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    The whole MySpace thing.

    I had a Myspace account for a little while, but I got rid of it and haven't looked back since. At first it was an easy and convenient way to keep track of friends - especially those in the local music scene that I don't get to see all the time. Eventually though, it became too easy to keep track of people with, and I felt like I was getting to know my friends better over the internet than I was in person, and that just wasn't cool with me.

    Then there's the fact that the site just breeds drama. It seems like everyone - even the most laidback and cool people - were turning into emo kids or becoming really needy for attention. Also, there are a lot of really freaking weird people on the site.

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    The whole MySpace thing.

    I had an account, never actually did anything with it though, my theory through this whole blogging phase, has been "Any friends that I want, are the friends that I already know" or, I guess ones im introduced to through other activities, but not some person I share one thing in common with over the internet.

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    The whole MySpace thing. :P

    Sheldog23 commented:
    dang, your like the urban ninja and shtuff. scary.
    lol not really, it's just i find it a cool way to mask my face :P

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