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Thread: Project: Honeycomb

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Honeycomb will by a scratch build, double wide server case.

    This mod is brought to you by:

    Thanks to John and his team at Delvie's for helping with the Plexi!

    Thanks to Bill for providing some goodies!

    Thanks to Maurizio at Lamptron for providing a fan controller and some UV Cold Cathodes.

    Thanks go Gregor at EK for providing a bunch of the watercooling parts.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte 880GA
    CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 @3.0GHz
    GPU: 2x something
    HDD: 1x 320 HDD (OS), 2x 2TB HDDs (Case can hold roughly HDDs 20 total)
    PSU: Corsair 100W
    Optical Drive: Blu-ray Player
    RAM: 4GB G.Skill PC 1600

    The Case

    Here are my original Sketchup designs.

    Update #1: Received Mobo and Plexi Sizes
    Update #2: Recived More Parts
    Update #3: The Saw
    Update #4: Drill Press
    UPdate #5: New Mobo Side Panel Design
    Update #6: Testing
    Update #7: Case Fans
    Update #8:An Evening Designing
    Update #9: MNPCTECH Sponsor
    Update #10: Experimenting
    Update #11: Fabricating
    Update #12: Finishing the Frame
    Update #13: Plexi Work
    Update #14: f=" 33">Lamptron Sponsor
    Update #15: MNPCTECH Goodies
    Update #16: How I Keep it Together
    Update #17: EK Waterblocks Sponsor
    Update #18: Woe Is Me
    Update #19: Front Panel
    Update #20: Lamptron Goodies
    Update #21: Media Card Reader Cutout
    Update #22: Coming Together and Side Panel Design
    Update #23: Cutting the Mobo Side Panel
    Update #24: Custom Waterblock and Cables
    Update #25: EK Waterblocks Goodies
    Update #26: Installing the Rad/Res
    Update #27: Lighting
    Update #28: Supplies, Rivets and Sleeving

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Got my mobo in today!

    Here is the final cut of plexi sizes.

    1 sheet of:
    • 17 1/2" x 17 1/2" Black Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - BACK
    • 17 1/2" x 17 1/2" Clear Acrylic Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - FRONT
    • 18" x 18" Black Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - BOTTOM
    • 18" x 17 1/2" Black Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - TOP16" x 17 1/2" Black Plexiglass 1/2" Thickness - CENTER12 1/4" x 4 1/4" Black Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - PSU COVER
      2 Sheets of:
      • 17 3/4" x 18" Clear Acrylic Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - SIDES

      4 Sheets of:4" x 17 1/2" Black Plexiglass 1/4" Thickness - HDD RACKS

    12 - 1" x 1" Clear Acrylic Plexiglass cubes- CORNER SUPPORTS

    4 -1" Transparent Amber Extruded Transparent Colored Acrylic Plexiglass Rod 1" diameter - CASE FEET

    Cheers till later.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Finally got parts in.

    AMD Athlon II X4 640

    XSPC 2 meter Orange LED kit

    OCZ 1000W PSU

    Came with these nifty Velcro ties.

    2x2GB G.Skill RAM PC 1600

    Media Card reader

    Lots of Orange sleeving and shrink tubing.

    Still waiting for the framing and for my sponsor to reply about the Plexi.

    Cheers till later.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Got my saw yesterday Just waiting on a few more things to arrive then its off to work!

    All put together!

    New blad installed.

    I should be finalizing the deal with my sponsor on the plexi today or tomorrow then hes shipping it all to me. Hopefully I get the drill press soon.

    Cheers till later.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Got my Drill Press today

    Not as many pieces as I was expecting.

    All done.


    Circle cutter for the fan holes.

    Cheers till next time.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Started working on the side panel again. I wasn't happy with the last one so here is the new one so far.

    Going to be doing more work tonight on it.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Got the motherboard tray from Mountain Mods finally and I decided its time to test out the hardware to make sure its all good. I didn't attach the other back part that had the fan hole in it because it will just get in the way when I go to mount this to the case.

    Mobo, RAM and Power/Reset switches installed.



    Since Everything was hooked up correctly I figured it was time to power it up. I flicked the switch on the PSU and hit the Power button and BOOM. The freaking $200 PSU blew up. I was so mad. Luckily I have my old one that I'm giving my sister.

    That PSU booted just fine. I started the RMA already with Newegg for the PSU so I need to mail that out tomorrow.

    Here are the switches in the dark. The "O" one is power and the dot one is the reset button. I put the LED for the reset to the HDD activity LED so it gets lit and I can see the HDD activity! 2 with 1 is good!

    Everything after that went pretty smooth. I found out that my SATA DVD drive was bad so I put on an old IDE one and it installed WHS just fine.

    My Plexi sponsor is sending me the plexi tomorrow or Friday so I should have it in about a week and then I can remeasure everything and start cutting the frame. Once that is built I will start to figure out how to mount all the plexi to it.

    Cheers till then.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Got my order in from Newegg with some nice case fans!

    8x Zigmatek 140mm Orange fans with White LEDs

    They have small blades but they move a ton of air.

    Now lets make them look pretty!

    Removed the sticker.

    Sleeve them!!

    At first I kept the stock white connector but I then decided that it would look funny and stand out. So I replaced them with the black ones I ordered for the fan extension cables. Didn't take a pick but they look good.

    All of them done.

    I got bored last night so I figured I would start cutting the shrink tubing to 15mm lengths.

    14.99.... close enough

    These are all ready

    Need to trim these ones down later. They are about 1mm off. Maybe less. Just need to trim a hair off of them.

    Cheers till next time.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    So I spent the past 6 hours roughly working on the design. Leaning some new techniques too.

    Here are the shots I took after figuring out how to get Kerkythea and Sketchup v8 to play nice. They are all very low res for now. The final design will be all high res. They will take probably close to 15-30 minutes to render ^^

    Inside the mobo side

    You can see I started playing with the cabling up top where the ATX Power cable comes through the pelxi.

    HDD side

    Now in the middle I had an ingenious to hide my cabling. I would put a piece of plexi down the center about 1 to 1.5" off the center panel. It would be anchored with nuts and bolts and I'll use aluminum spacers to make it sturdy and exact. there is also a piece of orange pexi that will either be UV reactive or have LEDs in it.

    This is not the final layout. Its getting close but isn't there yet. Lets see if I can score a WC sponsor or 2 and then we will have some major changes. I have them in mind but don't want to jinx myself by making the model yet.

    I found a few things out and I just might have to put some tutorials together for everyone. But that will take a few days.

    Cheers till next time.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Looks like a sweet project!

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