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Thread: Project: Honeycomb

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    Project: Honeycomb

    I started wiring up the waterblocks with LEDs.

    GPU Block

    Cable management time! I'm using P clips from MDPC-X which are working rather well. I also finished up the pluming.

    Back fan cables

    Front fan cables

    Left side of HDD cavity where most of the pluming comes through the center of the case

    Another shot of the right side of the HDD cavity

    Bottom of the case

    Some cable management on the mobo side

    T-fitting on top of the mobo loop res. This attaches to the fill port on top of the case

    And here is the drain port for the HDD loop res. Luckily I was able to use fittings and no tubing which made the installation super easy.

    I'm doing lots more work this week.

    Cheers till later!

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    Project: Honeycomb

    I finished the LEDs for the CPU and RAM blocks.

    I'll clean up the cables a bit later.

    And so far it all looks pretty good.

    All that is left for LEDs is the ones that go in the bottom of the reservoirs.

    I finally finished and installed my custom ATX power cable. It still needs some work because it is bunched up. But that will come later.

    And here is what it looks like connected to the PSU

    A very tricky task was to mount the pumps. Since I have no hand room inside the case at the bottom, I had to remove the entire bottom panel, mount the pumps, then put it back on. Here is the final result. (A bit hard to see...)

    I started sleeving the temp sensors. There are a lot of them!

    And finally, I had Will make a fan buss for me. The only problem with it is that I had to extend the power connector because where it is at is an extremely tight space and I can't get my fingers back there to connect it.

    Cheers till next time.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    I started making my SATA power cables.

    First, I installed all the drives. Put the SATA connectors on them. And started running the cables.

    First section done.

    More done.

    I had to move a drive down so I could measure the last section correctly.

    And the final product with the sleeved SATA Data cables installed and zipped.

    I'm happy with how they came out. I did the same thing for the other HDD cage but I ran out of heat shrink so I put another order in for it at MDPC-X. My ATX pin remover is also starting to go... I think I need to spend the money and get the good one.

    Cheers till next time!

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    Project: Honeycomb

    There are bonus points available now! Please go to this Facebook album and like mine and your favorite mods! 1

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    Project: Honeycomb

    I thought it would be fun to sleeve all of my tubing. Here are some of the early results.

    This is my favorite pic for some reason.

    I'm happy to announce that I finally scored the Gigabyte X58 OC mobo. The only downside is that I have to buy new RAM and CPU but its so worth it to have a matching mobo.

    I'm looking at an i7 920 and 6GB of Corsair Dominator RAM. Hopefully this weekend I can cut and mount the font LCD display.

    Cheers till next time!

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Since Lamptron was so nice to give me some UV Cold Cathodes I figured I would see how everything looks.

    I think it looks pretty good. I'm going to see how it looks with the blocks lit up and the fans on.

    Cheers till then.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    I connected the WB LEDs now and put power to the fans. Here are the results.

    This first set of pictures are with 1 UV Cold Cathode running from front to back on the top of the case and one on the front panel running up and down.

    Now these pictures are with both UV Cold Cathodes running the width of the case on the top panel. 1 in front and 1 in back. (That was really hard to explain lol)

    I still have a lot more work to do. Going to make the res LEDs tonight and try to figure out how I'm going to do all the switches for all the different lights.

    Cheers till then.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Both setups seem to give off enough UV light so I really don't see much of a difference between them on the reactive parts so I would go with the UV setup of the two that hides the cathodes the most.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Both setups seem to give off enough UV light so I really don't see much of a difference between them on the reactive parts so I would go with the UV setup of the two that hides the cathodes the most.
    Thanks for checking it out. I just ordered a bunch of 4" UV Cold Cathodes so that I could hide and position them better.

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    Project: Honeycomb

    Its voting time! This is the last round of points that goes to the total, its not a "like" contest. You have to register but I know you all will to help out!

    Please go here: and vote for my mod in the Scratch Build category.


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