Hello everybody!

Here comes one of my side projects that I should do while my PowerMac G5 case.

I have not thought about making a big deal of this project but can be fun to post it on the Internet so you can exchange ideas and the like

The project builds on a Lian Li A05 that I bought for a cheap price, and I thought why not push the SLI / Crossfire in this case and water cooling at the same time?
and this is what I have come to me to do so far:

push 2x360 radiators (From here, the name of the project)
Full water cooling system (CPU, GPU, motherboard and memory table)
Paint on the case
make it to their own
stand out a bit but stylish
Make your own hanging up the water pump
Fix your own hard drive bracket

This is everything I have to say right now, and I let the pictures speak for themselves when my English is so disposed.

This is all i have done for now, and i just have to say that this is not going to be a fast going project it will take allot of time and it will be a side project.