I'm still Messing with some Ideas but the biggest one that I would like to do is Create a Window for the side to show off the insides. It's Hard to show how I would do the window with a picture since I am not that great with Photoshop or other programs but you can kind of see what I want to do.

I was thinking cut Where I have it shown in the picture..I also want to keep the shapes that create the case. The squares on the side would be built in Plexi or refitted onto the Plexi. I was thinking smoke colored would look pretty clean on this case. Also the red on the side that I have put in on the drive bays. Also I want to put lights inside the edges of the Window so that the edges Glow.

Besides that I would keep most of the case the same. Like I said I am still messing with Ideas but this seems to be the main part I would focus on. Maybe some Chrome Feet, Small highlights and hints here and there. I was thinking maybe a white or red interior but I like black and an etched Thermaltake logo on the window.

I'm trying to get something put together in sketchup to give a better or more clear sight on what I'm trying to show