Soberheid becomes from Dutch, and it means sobriety. Is a case that was found on the streets (trash), broken, with the covers and veneers crooked and missing pieces, including the laterals. Already with the idea of sobriety, it was thought for being black and white, searching wich materials may be used (for avoid the ordinary plastic and veneer)arises the idea of making the structure practicly from the beginning, covered with black leatherette.
Like this, was made this cabinet that now it comes to be a piece with elegance and sobriety, counting with a united top and frontal sides and entirely smooth, with details like screws “allen head”. (holding the base wood and the guides of the lateral covers to the top veneer and original frontal)
This cabinet is divided in two parts, in the first part is situated the mother tray; with precision and exceptional perfection in the organization of the cables. In the second part, the frontal one, are situated in an “invisible” way the radiator of the liquid refrigeration, next to the bomb, the power supply and the hard disk.
There always are few questions like: “But if the air enters by the radiator, it doesn’t have enough space to come out”, “ Does the leatherette and the wood get heated?” The answer for this, it’s that the heated air that comes out from the other side of the radiator, is expelled by a fan of 12cm. The leatherette and the wood doesn’t get heated, the microprocessor’s temperatures are almost the same than an ordinary computer with a cooler stock.
“But there isn’t enough space for the air to come in to the fans” The lateral acrylics are separated by a distance of 10mm by screws and heat-shrink tubing of the lateral veneer, letting space between the lateral and the lower too, it’s got enough space for it to come in(left side) and to come out (right side).
For giving it a special touch of elegance, there were placed a few white led lights inside the cabinet and in the support. The switching on of this lights is something particular, it’s about a metal “button” placed in the front. This button belongs to a touch power circuit, just with a finger touch to this button, you can switch on or off the lights. Excepting the white light of the power button that it’s always on to know if the system is working or not.

“From the trash, to elegancy and sobriety”

Next, the expected final pictures:


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Mostly, what matters is not just the hardware; what really worth it is the work that is made with our time and patience to get what we want.

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