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Thread: [Worklog] Soberheid

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Well the idea of this project starts from finding a discarded case
    on the street. Soberheid the name, saying that in order to
    project will be a sober and elegant case. Leave the pictures of how it started
    everything. After them speak for themselves.

    So I found it in the trash …

    Start smashing

    So the components are located.

    The materials for the housing and termination, wood, imitation leather and glue.

    Cutting all woods, holes as well.

    The work table ahah
    od/100_84211024x768800x600.jpg" alt="" />
    The superstar modder (¿?)

    Guidelines for the sides

    And closing the top, all one piece.

" alt="" />


    00x600.jpg" alt="" />

    Well, as you go, I'll be leaving more photos. Greetings!

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    I bring more progress here:
    The liquid cooling block is a block that did a while back, a
    block home that pays pretty well.

    And some photos "pre-final"

    Caution: The project is not complete. These are some photos of the preview.
    It is not over!
    As I will travel warning. I will not be for a few weeks and I'm not posting gains. Greetingsto everyone and when the project ended again!

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Alright guys, after a while of being away from modding, we started again to finish the project.
    This is gonna be a the right side for covering the mothertray.

    And the sideway's with acrylic

    The worklog continues down!

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Making of the sideway's acrylics

    And then… Paint it White!

    The screws will hold the acrylic side

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Painted power button

    acrylic bonding


    Power off button.

    Acrylic legs with leds

    Alright, the Windows!

    And little surprise that at last I'm going to say

    Recording the name…

    The project is now complete. When I have edited the final photos update the worklog.Along with the photos I will upload screen temperatures for asking!
    Greetings and see you in the final pictures!

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    AWESOME job !!

    The fact they you took an old case basic tools and created waht you did is what the base of case modding is all about!

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    That looks awesome!

    I like the sleeved water lines, never seen that before and I love the way it looks.

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    None of the images are visible to me. There's just a little square with "Bandwidth Exceeded" in it.


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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Great stuff, I like it when I see recycling in action.
    Found cases happen from time to time, but since I always had my last mod to complete I haven't been able to do what you did.
    So it's just a bare-bones setup? No video card, no optical drive?

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    [Worklog] Soberheid

    Well guys i edit before the final pics, an organization of the inside ~

    Now yes i salute you and i be posting the final pics in the next days

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