As a side note: Umm. WE NEED MORE SUBMISSIONS!!!

So, here's my other idea that's been kicking at my brain screaming to get out.

I want to paint it that sunburst orange color, like a piece of safety equipment. A very "in your face" color. Coincidentally much like the color used in the logo (and I do mean coincidence); I just couldn't see it any other color than this if it's done.
Gotta have the warning sticker in the glass, the glass is cracked and some green stuff is oozing out of various spots on the case.
The green goo substance I think would be something akin to that expanding insulation foam, used in small amounts, it dries rock hard and can take a good coat or six of paint and gloss to make it look nice and slime-like.

As for the front area, it's pretty obvious that the cause of the overload on the machine was the circular saw (LOGO) blade that tore in through the top of it. Some fake wires and bent metal would make this more realistic than my hack illustration skills. I would want the plastic areas on the case front that get broken to actually appear as if it's metal as well, with some creative painting and placement of real metal bits.

I really like the button panel where it is on the top, but it would be neat to blast it out and suspend it off the case in that foam/goo substance.

And of course, the light bar on top would have to be fabricated, some kind of flashing bar thing.

Not shown in these two pics I'd want to continue the foam/slime/goo stuff to the ground. Not in large amounts, but it would be neat to have it with a "dripping on to the table" look.