This is my Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case Modding Showdown Submittal.This case is a very modified structure and has a new cosmetic design.I will try to describe every detail plainly.Special paints intended to be used for this mod is glow in the dark yellow and orange.Proper paint should have glow in the dark micro-resins.I think this "micro-resins paint" could be achieved by grinding glow in the dark stencils with a grinder then into smaller particles by using a pepper-grinder or sandpaper; After that mix micro-resins with clear coat paint.I took this mod to extremes!The screen over to the right is a touchscreen that folds out from the back of case to the side of the case in its current position.The touchscreen should lock into positions like most laptop monitors.This is the back of the case also the touchscreen locked closed position.Special illuminates is required for optimal UV reactivity.The light icons are graphic representation of desired UV light strips positions.I would also like the gauge Indigo colored.