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Thread: Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Alright, heads up i rarely if ever fool around with what appears isn't necessarily a final plan.

    To begin, I really had a tough idea coming up with an idea for how to mod the case, and considering this would be my first mod/submission I'd figure i'd keep it simple. Drawing from the modular shape on the front side of the case i decided to settle for a paint job that would really play into the case and it's looks, and the from there decided to focus on making the case as modern as i could by incorporating art/artist that played along with the case. What i ended up with was borrowing works from Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy making something like this:

    Things not shown in the case design (due to lack of skill w/ Photoshop) that would be fixed:
    -Window on the front side would be blue tinted plastic instead of being covered up
    -Exhaust areas on the front side wouldn't be covered just painted over
    -Buttons on the front, Drive bays, vents, etc. on the front would be covered by the paint, just not completely covered as shown in the image

    -Paint on all sides would mesh together with other sides (IE: some Pollock splatter on the front right/top right, Mondrian lines on front left/top right
    -LED's inside of exhaust Area's on front side matching color of squares

    Ideally, the original design was just Piet Mondrian influenced, but after looking at other submissions it seemed a bit too plain. So I added a few other modern artist, basically the case is a modern work of art, so cover it in artwork that enforces it.

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    currently reworking Pollock side design, doesn't fit the Bauhaus artist trend...I'll have a alt side up sometime tomorrow.

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Modified the side design for one of the sides today, less crappy photoshop more finalized design image.

    Debating switching the large yellow and red square locations to match the LED Fan's in place...also because finding a yellow LED fan/set is proving increasingly difficult.

    Still haven't quite figured out an alternative to the pattern on the Pollock painted side. But i'm open to suggestions.
    Also, you can't really see the sides of the offset areas from the POV of the picture, but as of right now they'll probably be bordered and then painted like other parts of the case.

    As for "Why Bauhaus Aphar? The design hurts my eye's and I wouldn't be caught dead playing on it."

    Simple: The Bauhaus style of art is mixing artistic influence with practicality, IE: Useable Fine Art, which the case is by itself. So following the Bauhaus pattern, painting the case in the image of Bauhaus artist work just came naturally.


    Think i finalized the other side's design, Pollock would have been fun, but Bauhaus Mod spoke louder to me:

    Other option for this side would be making a negative of the colorful side...but too much color on a case
    Also looking over it...Top part of the case's paint job might get replaced with something else...not sure at the moment.

    EDIT #2:

    Possible alternative to the top design.

    EDIT #3

    Busy day of reworking the paint design
    Front of the case now would probably end up looking like this:

    After looking through the other case mod submissions i'm catching a trend of inserting additional LED's and screens into the work...personally i don't see much rooms to work with concerning that with the paint job (and the lack of electrical experience on hand, willing to learn though) that's been set in this mod, but yet again would love to hear suggestions concerning the submission in terms of areas of improvement or additional features that would work.

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Hmm I think I like the very first design the best, its very simple yet classy and artistic

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    looking at it now, the first submission does look a tiny bit better, the second one is a bit too much in terms of detail, but just having the white background and the vibrant colors set on top of it seems a little lacking. Dunno, if it gets chosen i'll probably toss the idea out to the community in terms of what side design to go for...probably will take another go at the design to get 3 nice options.

    Edit: Reworked the designs on a couple sides to include the Thermaltake logo, more sides w/ the logo = more options for the final case design. Putting the sun logo in paint jobs that are extremely angular and square based is surprisingly difficult w/o reworking the logo.

    But this is what i came up with for logo placement alternatives to the giant sun logo somewhere on the case (ranging from using the cases currently used logo to adding simple designs.

    Ideally, the top and front case designs could be swapped to have the sun logo somewhere on the front of the case.

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Just thought up a nice way to integrate the Thermaltake logo into the entire art theme without compromising the color scheme's over every side and additionally offering a bit of well...appreciation/credit to the actually makings of the work that would be mimic'd on the case.

    Not exactly sure how i would go about actually making them, so i'd be highly relying on good advice from the community. Right now it's either a slip of paper behind a plexiglass pane secured to the case, or taking some cloth wrapping it around a thin wooden block and then securing it to the case.

    the basic idea is: Museum labels with a black/white Thermaltake logo and the artist's information for the piece.

    something like:

    for the white/blue/red/yellow convex side
    placed in the area between the red square and the drive bays

    and something more like:

    for the gray/gray/gray/white/black/red/gray and gray side (lot of gray on that one side)
    probably would be placed in the lower right hand side on this side

    On the card would be something looking like this:

    Front would probably have the plexiglass mounted on the Thermaltake logo in the upper left corner
    Top would have the label in the bottom left or right.

    Also debating painting/replacing the handle w/ Wood/Metal framing (IE: picture frame handle)

    Ends up looking like this when i get done w/ it on Photoshop...still shitty at photoshop though, and probably the last mod edit i'll do for the competition

    Still terrible at shadows...but that's the basic concept i'm probably end up pitching. The label cards ended up including a Black and white Thermaltake Logo, Artist's Name, Piece's Name/Date of Creation, and then "Spray Paint on SECC", followed with the case's dimensions for that side.

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Thought about replacing the handle with wood, but that probably wouldn't end well in terms of support. Also not sure about how i'd fasten it to the case. But i found an interesting alternative...yet again not sure how well this would work on the handle and the handle's part on the front of the case (due to the grooves in the handle) but a good find for someone trying to mimic the wood texture on a computer case:[/video]]YouTube: Wood Grain on Steel

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Last day of submissions, clocks ticking down, and i'm pretty happen with the design. As for the inside of the case (regardless of making it to the top 5, i'm building a new PC), thinking of going for a i5 2500K, EVGA 560 Ti, 8 GB o' RAM, 750W Thermaltake powersupply, and a couple hard drives or 3, not sure on the Mobo yet, prolly either Asus or Biostar.

    Best of luck to all contestants, looking forward to seeing the top 5 decided and being made!

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    hrm, correction on the museum labels, I think it'd probably look cooler/more professional if i etched the acrylic with the design's of the labels and then attached them to the case in the locations provided. I've done glass etching before using acid, but not sure about acrylic etching, so the idea's up in the air until i can find some solid information on etching sans a dremel.

    Not really sure in terms of how to mount the acrylic on the case, one idea was drilling sets of holes into the case and mounting the acrylic about a 1/2 centimeter off the case and then capping off the holes in the acrylic w/ white LED's behind it to help light up the acrylic labels.

    Yeah this is getting way too complicated on my end for a first time modder so i'll probably settle w/ the paint job and putting the Thermaltake logo in the actual paint design for the gray side, the sun on the top part, and somehow putting the design in the primary color side. Willing to learn at lot, but aiming too high for a first mod and shooting myself in the foot isn't my style.

    So final Submission Idea is:

    but the actual design could change depending on how well the first few steps go (assuming top 5, and if not I'll attempt this on another case sometime in the future)

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    Aphar's Bauhaus Thermaltake Mod!

    Well that would definitely be different. Most people use one case theme and just go with that and a few of the same thematic designs. While your has a theme (Art) there are quite a few different designs that are very different. I think it would be pretty neat to see it done in it's final form actually.

    At the very least yours will probably be the first exclusively artistic endeavor that I've ever seen which will add to it's uniqueness. And it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see it possibly wind up in an art gallery for a showing . Our local art museum often has different themed showings but some of the works are very traditional. I personally get drawn to those which are unique and different and lend themself to the creative mind often passing by the "traditional" works out of boredom.
    If I were to see this at a showing I would definitely have to spend some time looking it over and appreciating the artistic sweat that went into it! Absolutely go for it!

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