Hi guys, I thought I would enter this water mod. It has 2 water reservoirs that are mounted on the door that are made of acrylic and have dual pumps to keep the water levels in each bay level. The bays will have 2 distinctive water patterns, the top bay will have a spray down into the water kind of effect half filled and the lower bay will have a soda fountain kind of effect where it comes out at the top and streams down the sides.

Please click on pics for larger image so you can read detailed info.


The logo style may be changed to suit the build at a later point. It will be either painted or etched on, will decide later. The logo and Mountain Mist will be made on acrylic with white led's to light it up.

Side intake fan will be removed for lower acrylic reservoir to be put in it's place.

I will add a radiator to the top of case blowing outward and reverse the back case fan so it blows into the the case and will also add a fan at the base of the case blowing in.

White led's will be added for the acrylic reservoirs. The water will have a blue dye added.

The hard drive bay sides and fronts on the front of the case will be painted white.

A possible water temp gauge will be added to a front 5.25 panel for effects and usage.

The water line with the blue dye in it will also pertrude the front of the case a little bit to add some contrast to the white.

It might not be the best mockup but I am new to sketchup so please forgive me for mistakes.